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COMMCaddy Scala SignChannel

The average dwell time for a patron sitting at a bar of any typical drinking establishment is 1 hour. Additionally 50% of bar patrons are undecided on what they want to order. The COMMCaddy was developed in part to capitalize on the dwell time of bar patrons and, as such, results have proved that 15 – 25% of profits of participating establishments are derived within the “viewing cone” of the COMMcaddy. The COMMcaddy replaces a relic of the past – the standard caddy bar caddy complete with napkins and straws - with 21st century wireless digital technology which includes a screens connected wirelessly to Scala’s SignChannel.

A patented plug-n-play network allows for 24/7 content downloads from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The participating establishment has the proven ability to increase sales (through bundling of beverage items with food items), amp up branding (QR codes or texting delivered in the sweet-spot for an patron to actually use – social currency), enhance customer service (deliver on being “your local bar” – by delivering local content), boast productivity (24/7 bartender & showcase specials each day automatically), raise competitive edge trajectory (create establishment branded TV) and is a green product that helps decrease printing costs.

The beauty of the COMMcaddy is how it is functional in holding napkins and straws while incorporating a digital display. Most bars and restaurants already have a caddy that holds napkins and straws. COMMCaddy comes in and replaces that existing caddy – while adding advertising and content real estate with the screen embedded into the Caddy. It is a plug-n-play concept and very simple and very easily downloads content to the screen wirelessly via SignChannel by Scala. We like to say if you can download a picture to Facebook – then you can download content to the COMMcaddy.

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