Access1 Polling Platform for Kiosks

Access1 Media has announced the launch of a new political polling platform for its touch screen kiosk. The Audience Measurement Platform (AMP1) provides new and innovative ways to disseminate a candidate’s message as well as capture real time accurate poll results during political campaigns. The new platform differentiates itself from traditional polling methods through an interactive touch screen and onboard camera which run proprietary/patent pending audience recognition software. This software determines a poll participant’s age, gender and dwell time while they’re answering polling questions on the touch screen. Poll results and viewer demographics are then delivered in real time to a secure client login area on the Access1 website.
Access1 enables each candidate to use video, audio, graphical and written messages to communicate with their audience and capture their response with data collection and polling results. When deployed in high traffic areas such as malls, sports venues or public events, political candidates have the opportunity to deliver their message through a unique and interactive medium thereby reaching voters outside the traditional campaign methods. Digital content can also be updated remotely.

“Not only can Access1 Media’s powerful platform provide next generation campaign messaging displays in high traffic venues for a diverse range of markets, but data can be recorded and made instantly available in a secure client login area,â€ù said Cameron Fowler, Access1 Media’s CEO.

AMP1 runs on a wireless network that uploads touch screen metrics, viewer information, and polling results to Access 1 Media’s secure server on a minute by minute basis. Campaign managers can log into this server at anytime throughout their polling campaign and view the captured data. The live data can also be easily accessed using an iPhone, iPad or smartphone.

Other features of the AMP1 include SMS, MMS, and email capabilities along with an onboard keyboard which allows the public to enter contact information so they can receive additional campaign material. These features, along with the use of on-screen Facebook and Twitter feeds, provide the candidate with the ability to maintain contact with their target demographic. Donations to a political campaign can also be made via an onboard credit card processer.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Access1 Media is a solutions provider for advanced digital signage and product monitoring platforms. Access1 is committed to helping its partners and customers reach their advertising needs and marketing goals through streamlined digital signage application development, latest technologies in audience recognition, high quality hardware and a metrics system to track the use of each unit.

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