ICG Wireless Announced at DSE

  • I.C.G. (Internet Connectivity Group, Inc.) announced at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas an end-to-end wireless digital signage solution. The new offering combines I.C.G.’s Mobile Media System and ViFi Adapter, to allow for easier deployment of digital signage.
  • According to industry research, by the year 2009 there will be over one million digital signs in North America. Traditionally, these digital signs require labor- and time-intensive hard-wire connections that are difficult – if not impossible – to implement. These wired connections are needed for the various parts of the sign, such as the network, media player and memory storage device, to function correctly. With the North American market on goal to install about 135 million locations over the next 10 years, I.C.G.’s wireless solution redefines the industry standard by eliminating the costs associated with hard-lines.
  • “For many years, advertising firms have suffered from the inability to wirelessly transmit high quality audio and video to their venues. Furthermore, these same firms have overpaid for hardware, satellite systems and installation services,” said Kevin Howard, CEO of I.C.G. “We have developed a next-generation solution that is the most cost-effective on the market. With our MobileMedia System™ combined with the ViFi Adapter™, we are proving how wireless technology can revolutionize sales and marketing efforts for businesses of all sizes.”
  • I.C.G.’s self-contained, turnkey MobileMedia System eliminates the need for two, three or more individual moving parts by bundling a 3G/4G wireless network module, a WiFi router, an integrated media player and hard drive. The MobileMedia System also enables cached content to be streamed over wireless links. The second element in the solution is the ViFi Adapter, which receives the audio and video content over WiFi from the MobileMedia System and connects via multiple video outputs to virtually any type of display. Supporting all media and content formats, as well as any Windows or Linux-based content management software, I.C.G.’s solution allows digital information to be multicast to numerous displays simultaneously.
  • I.C.G.’s innovative solution is the industry’s first true end-to-end solution for wireless digital signage. With annual digital signage advertising spending estimated to be $14.6BN by 2011, I.C.G.’s plug-and-play, end-to-end solution uniquely positions them to be at the forefront of expansion in this market.
  • For product demonstrations and more information, please visit the I.C.G. booth, #877 at Digital Signage Expo 2008 in Las Vegas.
  • About I.C.G.
  • I.C.G. (Internet Connectivity Group, Inc.) was formed in 2004 to create and provide wireless solutions to the enterprise marketplace. With its premiere end-to-end wireless digital signage solution and by aligning with tier one global partners, I.C.G. has created an operating infrastructure and mature distribution channels that will revolutionize the digital signage marketplace. I.C.G.’s unique business model offers a combination of technologies that is revolutionizing the sales and marketing efforts for businesses of all sizes. For more information please visit: www.internetconnectivitygroup.com

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