Digital Signage

The following is a summary of the presentation Lyle Bunn will give at the Digital Signage Pavilion on Thursday, March 16 at 10:30 a.m. at NSCA Expo 2006 in Las Vegas.

Digital signage is a network of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainment, merchandising and advertising. Since it is a digital network with control over individual displays or locations, it goes far beyond broadcasting as a business communications tool.

An Explosive New Industry Digital Signage has been called "the next killer app" because of the commercial advantages brought through the integration of available technologies. It has emerged quickly due to decreases in the cost of electronic displays and the increasing pressure to maximize the return on investment and objectives in business and brand-building.
Digital Signage is now exploding after several years of slow growth. There are currently about 280,000 displays installed in North America with 900 million displays projected by 2009.

Attractive To Product And Service Suppliers Digital signage display increases product/service sales, generates enquiries, improves branding and increases customer loyalty. Product and service suppliers generally experience 8 to 20 percent sales lift and more than 60 percent ad recall from digital signage.
Attractive To Venues Digital signage provided value to the location in which they are placed by improving the visit experience and information flow, reducing information costs, reducing perceived waiting times (typically by 40 to 60 percent), improving safety and reducing liabilities related to public information.

More Display Control Than TV Digital signage displays unique content to each display in the network, even providing unique content to each one of multiple regions on each display. Displays can be set up to display content from the location itself, or to display local information, such as weather. Additionally, integrating business communications for merchandising, branding, staff training and management collaboration can be supported by the digital signage system infrastructure.

Broad Involvement Large retail, service or franchise organization, investors, industry groups, associations, and organizations with advertising sales capability are becoming involved in digital signage networks. Additionally, providers of technology, creative services, and digital graphics are realizing the importance of digital signage as an emerging new industry. As with any truly enabling technology, those who apply it will enjoy the most significant benefits.