Two grandMAs Join Tool On Multi-Continent Tour -

Two grandMAs Join Tool On Multi-Continent Tour

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ACT Lighting's grandma on tour with Tool.LOS ANGELES, CA--As the alternative rock band Tool continues its multi-continent tour it has added two grandMAs, one for lighting control and one for video control, to its US and European venues and to gigs in Australia in the coming months.

"Video is a very dominant thing with Tool," notes designer/director Mark Jacobson who has been working with the band since 1996. "All the video is pretaped; there's no live camera. Lighting can't step on the video, it has to play a supporting role, so we don't use spots, just the fixtures we have on the rig for a more mysterious look.

The lighting complement controlled by the grandMA includes 24 Martin Mac 2000 profiles, 10 Mac 2000 washes, 16 HES StudioBeams, eight HES x.Spots, four HES StudioCommand 1200s, six PixelLine 110ec LED battens, 22 PixelPARs, 13 Martin Atomic 3K Strobes and five Eight Lights with Wybron Scrollers. Lighting gear in the US is provided by Delicate Productions; European lighting was supplied by Neg Earth Lights and Australian gear by Bytecraft. Video equipment worldwide is provided by Delicate Productions and Diagonal Research, which furnished a grandMA and an NSP. Video playback is controlled by multiple Diagonal Research NEV 8 systems with projection routing done by multiple Pandora's Box systems. For more information visit


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