MaxMedia Appoints Joe Hasenzahl to VP of Business Development -

MaxMedia Appoints Joe Hasenzahl to VP of Business Development

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MaxMedia has appointed Joe Hasenzahl as Executive VP of Business Development.

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Joe Hasenzahl  Prior to joining MaxMedia, Joe served executive roles at Creative Realities, a marketing technology firm focused on supporting retail environments. His experience in blending brand, technology, environment and operations into a digital shopping experience was central to his success with retail clients. In previous roles with Ripple Networks and Universal Studios, Joe managed technology initiatives to accelerate transitions to digital retail and media systems, including point-of-sale applications and advertising-funded digital signage networks.

Joe will also tell MaxMedia clients on the value of delivering both engaging content and detailed metrics that offer a harmonious digital retail experience. Joe makes it a practice to gather data from the “point of decision” instead of the point of sale as the key to building successful ongoing strategies inside the store.

“Joe brings a creative and entrepreneurial spirit to MaxMedia as a service and solution-oriented leader with proven success in retail,” said Keehln Wheeler, Founder & CEO. “His ability to drive in-store strategy, implement technology and communicate the overall impact to the store significantly powers our ability to build stronger connections between the retailer and the shopper, and helps the retailer make intelligent decisions through actionable data and analytics.”


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