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Marshall Electronics Ships Seamless Switcher

Marshall Electronics Ships Seamless Switcher

The What: Marshall Electronics has shipped its VSW-2200 Seamless Switcher. Marshall’s Seamless Switcher allows smooth transitions between camera views, allowing it to be used in live broadcasts, teleconferences, or live-streamed events. The switcher will be demonstrated as one of Marshall’s Unified Communications solutions at ISE Amsterdam.

The What Else: “The rapid increased use of professional conferencing over IP network has created a demand for a better quality video experience,” said Perry Goldstein, director of new digital technologies. “Marshall’s Unified Communications solution meets that demand, with the new VSW-2200 Seamless Switcher at its center. Now, for the first time, a user can have four HD cameras strategically positioned in the room, and switch seamlessly from one to another, similar to a TV broadcast program. Add to that the popular MXL USB conferencing mics, and you have an affordable, versatile UC system, unlike anything that is on the market.”

The VSW-2200 Seamless Switcher is intended for small to medium-sized conferences or productions requiring up to four cameras. The switcher has four inputs and supports auto-switching between 3G/HD/SD-SDI formats. The VSW-2200 is controllable via RS-232 or IR remote control, supports re-clocking and equalization. The VSW-2200 has an SDI out and its firmware is upgradable via the RS-232 port.

The VSW-2200 is the first component of the new UNI-CONN line of communications products designed specifically for the Unified Communications market. This collection of products addresses audio and video needs with a collection of interchangeable components designed to work with a variety of teleconferencing systems and software. Solutions include Marshall POV Pro-Series Cameras with HD-SDI outputs. Up to four Marshall POV Pro-Series cameras can be fed into the VSW-2200 switcher. The SDI output can then be converted to USB 3.0 using Marshall’s VAC-11SU3 converter for videoconferencing. Individual cameras and microphones are interchangeable, allowing the user to customize an affordable, versatile solution.

The Bottom Line: Marshall’s Unified Communications components will be demonstrated at ISE Amsterdam booth 11.F60. The VSW-2200 Seamless Switcher and Marshall POV Pro-Series Cameras are available now.