Making the Internet of Things Personal -

Making the Internet of Things Personal

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Taking a new approach to this year’s keynote address, InfoComm organized a panel of experts to discuss the Internet of Everything (IoE) — that is, the future of IoE, how AV is addressing this concept through applications and how it impacts the industry. The panel consisted of top leaders in the AV network, including Fred Bargetzi, chief technology officer, Crestron Electronics; Ron Gazzola, vice president of marketing, Samsung; Kevin Hague, vice president, developer of community and programs, Harman International; and Mike Walker, director of operations, global customer experience center, Cisco. New York Times lead technology writer/reporter Nick Bilton moderated the event.

While IoE as a concept is not new, the personalization of its uses is what makes the newest IoE-based products so revolutionary. For example, since the launch of smart watches, technology has added another layer of personalization for its users in everyday situations.

“I think smartphones and smart watches have a signature on it,” said Gazzola. “I think when we look at our businesses with a display space or consumer-based product, how does IoE and personalization translate? Smart watches can signal info about me to customize my experience in the store, for example.”

Security is also a topic addressed when developing IoE technologies. Bargetzi said that the IoE makes it easier to share personal information — including information some may not want out in the open. However, it does make life more convenient for the user, which is something he believes the consumer is not willing to sacrifice, even for privacy.

Walker added that, in terms of security, the biggest risk is dealing with the vast amount of information we create on the Internet. “We're still learning the pitfalls of all the technology and information we generate out there,” he said.

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