LynTec Scheduling Module Enhances Remote Power Control Platform

A new timed event scheduling and astronomical clock module for LynTec's Remote Power Control (RPC) and RPCR Automated Relay Panel products enables timed control of on/off events at the circuit level to provide customers with the market’s simplest scheduling system to both program and use.

  • “Equipping our RPC and RPCR solutions with timed event scheduling streamlines the setup and operation process, making any AVL-based installation much more efficient,” said Mark Bishop, president at LynTec. “Integrated directly into our controller’s Web server, a dedicated scheduling page lets users interact with dropdown boxes and a simple point-and-click environment — creating more automated setups without the need for any specialized training or unique programming skills.”

Included on all LynTec’s motorized RPC circuit breaker panels and RPCR relay panels, the company’s new timed event scheduling capabilities include an astronomical clock to keep track of local sunrise and sunset times in order to synchronize systems automatically. As a result, customers obtain an enhanced solution that simplifies the programming of sunrise and sunset events without the need to purchase any additional software, hardware, or costly third-party scheduling systems.

Programmable via internal webpages, the new module can be configured to time-of-day or day-of-week events while working seamlessly with other control inputs to increase the flexibility of setups.

In setting deactivation times for circuits, users make their installations more efficient by ensuring that systems and components are not accidentally left on, without the need for any input from the end user — resulting in reduced energy consumption and longer life cycles for electronics.

LynTec’s RPC combines motorized breaker technology with a state-of-the-art controller that features large memory capacities, fast processing for real-time monitoring down to the circuit level, and the capability to use multiple control protocols. The company’s RPCR brings branch circuit control and monitoring to any existing breaker panel, regardless of brand, make, or model.

Combining relay functionality with a built-in Web server, the unit provides remote electrical

control to applications such as LED lighting, powered amplifiers, and energy management programs.

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