Roulette Goes Digital With 3M Multi-Sensory Touch System -

Roulette Goes Digital With 3M Multi-Sensory Touch System

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3M’s next-generation surface capacitive touch technology has been incorporated in gaming machines built in central Europe for deployment worldwide. Gold Club d.o.o. of Slovenia selected the 3M MicroTouch MCT System for many of their gaming machines, including their 22-inch multi-user electronic roulette tables, to provide a more responsive and immersive user experience. Gold Club has adopted this 3M touch solution for its own-built machines and selected it for externally-manufactured machines throughout its casino operations.

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Gold Club has incorporated 3M’s MCT system in their gaming machines.

Gold Club’s experience highlights the key advantages of next-generation touchscreen technology for the casino gaming industry, according to Francesco Fasoglio, business manager, 3M Touch Systems Division: “Game designers are looking for new ways to enhance players’ gaming experience and keep them engaged longer. Tactile feedback response, as embodied in our MCT System, enlivens the usual slot functions and heightens bonus round play experience. As well as replacing mechanical buttons on standalone machines, it’s also ideal for multi-user games.”

The 3M MicroTouch MCT System consists of an enhanced 3M MicroTouch Sensor SCT3256, a hybrid 3M MicroTouch Controller MX touch and haptic feedback electronics, and two or more touchscreen actuators, according to screen dimensions. This system provides haptic feedback effects for on-screen video buttons so users actually “feel” like they are depressing mechanical buttons.

Haptic feedback effects are created when the user simultaneously sees a video button depress, hears an audio file of the mechanical “click,” and feels a vibration in the touchscreen’s glass surface. The user instinctively interprets the combination of these three sensations as pressing a mechanical button, when in reality they are simply touching a solid glass surface.

Gold Club’s electronic roulette tables incorporate up to 10 touchscreens all attached to a single main computer. The MCT System, with its 5.4ms minimum contact time and greater than 99 percent positional accuracy, ensures fast response to finger input on multi-player games like roulette. Touchscreen materials ensure 91.5 percent light transmission (±1.5 per cent) for a crisp and vibrant display, and the robust 3M MicroTouch ClearTek surface coating provides optimal anti-glare properties. The scratch resistant top coat provides a smooth, easy glide touch surface.

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3M Touch Systems Showcases MicroTouch at KioskCom

3M Touch Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M and a manufacturer of touch technology, is showcasing its line of MicroTouch products April 16 – 17 at the 2008 KioskCom/Self-Service Expo (booth #312) at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev. Featured products include MicroTouch Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) touch screens, MicroTouch CT 150 LCD enclosure monitors, and MicroTouch ClearTek II capacitive touch screens.

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Matrox and 3M Collaborate for Interactive Multi-Touch Solutions

Matrox Graphics and 3M Touch Systems (subsidiary of the 3M Electronic Solutions Division) announced that both companies have validated a new 3M touch driver that will support multi-touch functionality across two, three or more 3M Multi-touch Displays powered by a variety of Matrox multi-monitor products.

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Matrox and 3M Collaborate to Deliver Interactive Multi-Touch, Multi-Display Solutions

Matrox Graphics and 3M Touch Systems have validated a new 3M touch driver that will support multi-touch functionality across two, three or more 3M Multi-touch Displays powered by a variety of Matrox multi-monitor products. Integrators can now pair Matrox products with 3M Multi-touch Displays to create interactive digital signage and collaborative video walls that span multiple displays, without the need for touch overlays or licensing fees. Applications include interactive kiosks, way finding, retail and exhibit display walls, as well as collaborative multi-panel classroom, boardroom, and command & control installations.

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RP Visuals Customizing G4S Multi-Touch Overlays

RP Visual Solutions (RPV) is now solving for PQ Labs latest interactive overlay—the ultra-thin G4S Multi-Touch Screen.With its finger-width frame size and near-flush surface design, the G4S offers a touch experience for both integration or as an overlay to an existing monitor. RPV’s custom fabrication abilities bring all the pieces together for a finished, interactive solution.

New 3M Digital Signage Software

3M Digital Signage has announced the release of 3M Digital Signage Software, Network Edition version 3.5. 3M Network Edition (NE) digital signage software provides the ability to distribute and play back media files, schedule playlists, and monitor a network of digital signs from any networked computer.   The 3M Network Edition 3.5 release includes the introduction of new server-class Network Edition software products for flexible network management options, expanded and enhanced Active Information Modules dynamic content offerings, and augmented network management and security features.