Barco/Folsom Gathers Top Rental/Staging Partners

Barco/Folsom Gathers Top Rental/Staging Partners

(From left to right) Steve Daniels of I-MAG; Jeff Studley of CPR; Barco Events USA sales director Curt Petty; and general manager of Barco Events USA, Mike Jones at the Resort at Squaw Creek. Daniels and Studley were among 60 top stagers Barco Events hosted at their US Rental Partner Meeting.On the heels of the January announcement of Barcos acquisition of Folsom Research, Barco Events hosted their top North American staging partners at the Resort at Squaw Creek, near Lake Tahoe, March 9-11. Sixty rental and staging companies were briefed on the combined companys strategy going forward, and got hands-on looks at the new Barco/Folsom product line for 04.

Folsom Researchs Mike Jones has been appointed general manager of Barco Events USA, reporting to Steve Scorse, division manager, Barco Events worldwide, based in Kortrijk, Belgium. Jones addressed the Rental Partner Meeting at the Resort at Squaw Creek and explained how Barco Events staff of over 230, combined with Folsoms staff of 90, will offer rental and staging partners a wide selection of products and solutions, from projectors to LED display to LCD panels to video processing.

The acquisition of Folsom also allows Barco the opportunity to move beyond displays, thus enabling additional growth in the events market. But displays are at the heart of Barcos strength. At the meeting, rental partners saw the new Barco product line for 2004, including the SLM R12+ projector (a 12,500 lumen 3-chip DLP projector, featuring Texas Instruments new 12 tilt DMD chip); the new Ilite 6XP LED panel (features 14 bit (upgraded from 12 bit) color processingan upgrade package is available for current ILite 6 owners); the 25,000 lumen, 2K resolution XLM H25 projector; the Solaris LCD panel, for digital signage applications; and the MiPIX LED blocks.

At the Nevada event, Folsom also demod its product line of image blending, switching, and other processing tools (including the ScreenPRO and ScreenPRO Plus high resolution seamless switcher), and explained the strategy in leading Barcos US R&D and marketing efforts going forward.

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