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Alcons Exhibits Pro-Ribbon Speaker Systems

  • Over the past two months, Alcons Audio’s U.S. division has exhibited and provided demonstrations of the pro-ribbon based audio solutions at both the USITT show in Long Beach, CA as well as the Broadway Sound Master Classes in New York City.
  • At both stops, there were numerous demonstrations and presentations done for a variety of clients ranging from top tier Broadway Sound designers to high profile theatre managers. As a result, Alcons Audio finds itself generating numerous project quotes with several additional follow up demonstrations scheduled.
  • “As a result of our efforts and involvement in these past few events the theatre market is quickly recognizing Alcons Audio as a provider of exceptionally high performance and uniquely appropriate solutions for the challenges of that industry," said North American sales director David Rahn. "Low distortion, high intelligibility, long throw and small footprints are some of the key needs of this customer base and the pro-ribbon based solutions address all of these challenges while setting new standards for performance and what the user should expect from his loudspeaker system investment.”
  • The globally patented pro-ribbon based systems address shortcomings of ribbon based loudspeaker systems. The pro-ribbon drivers are extremely robust, with a 1:16 RMS to peak power handling capacity. In addition, the horizontal pattern control is consistent out to 20K.
  • “The consensus among the early adopters is unanimously positive," said Rahn. "They are all well aware of the unique upside that pro-ribbon technology provides and are excited to be a part of this shift towards higher performance and the improved results they can provide to their customers.”
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