AOPEN nTAKE Simplifies Digital Menu Deployments

AOPEN nTAKE Simplifies Digital Menu Deployments
  • The What: Gone are the days of purchasing separate components and challenging IT to figure out how to make it work together. AOPEN releases nTAKE, a complete digital menu board solution with the ability to connect up to four HD displays on one media player and a variety of features to fit any level of business.

AOPEN nTAKE simplifies the deployment of digital menu boards for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Grocery, Delis, and assists business owners in focusing more on increasing sales and improving their margins. Whether just starting out in the industry or well established with multiple locations, AOPEN nTAKE comes with a powerful content management system allowing owners to better engage with customers all while providing the best return on investment. For added assistance in synchronizing menu and price changes across multiple restaurants, AOPEN nTAKE optional online versions provides easy updates from one centralized location.

Why This Matters: Business owners are always looking for ways to cut cost and streamline procedures. When factoring recurring expenses associated with printing, delivering, installing and disposing of static menu boards, a digital menu board solution becomes a more cost effective option in saving money and time. With an AOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Board solution, the costs associated with static light boards are virtually eliminated. The simple design provides for quick install and manageability, saving time and expense.

Digital menu boards provide more interaction than static menu boards and with the right content, a unique way to engage with customers and promote menu items in a way that will increase sales. The combination of enterprise-controlled day parting with the proper application of imagery will attract more attention and effectively communicate messaging, eliciting a favorable increase in customer behavior.

The What Else:
AOPEN’s nTAKE Digital Menu Board solution give owners and managers the marketing edge for promoting the right products at the right time. By keeping a pulse on what sells best, QSRs and Delis with digital menu boards have the freedom to adjust quickly focusing on specialized items to increase margins and/or promoting excess inventory for depleting surplus product and maintain freshness. This also cuts down on spoilage and will increase profits.

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