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Tred Displays exhibited their new tredPANELS for the first time at the ISA Sign Expo held in Las Vegas, NV, April 16-19, 2009. The Albuquerque start-up earned top honors for their display product, being awarded the "Coolest New Product of 2009" at the International Sign Expo, the world's largest sign show.

Twenty five companies from all over the world presented at the Cool New Products Showcase, including such companies as GE, Dupont and OSRAM/Sylvania. Attendees then voted for what they thought was the "Coolest" new product of 2009. Tred Displays was this year's honoree for their new tredPANEL digital signage product.

According to the ISA (International Sign Association), "The company [Tred], which was making its first appearance at the ISA Sign Expo, hit a home run in their first time at bat."

Tred Displays launched tredPANELS, a digital display which utilizes their proprietary technology. TredPANELS enable the production of Smart Signs, a new class of signage where digital information is merged with traditional customized fixed graphics. These Smart Signs feature the ease of use, low cost and portability of printed posters with the added benefits of wirelessly controlled, dynamic digital content. TredPANELS come complete with a built-in tredLINK(TM) wireless transceiver, and are powered by a self-contained AA battery pack which can last 6 months or more under normal operation. TredPANELS require no wiring or special installation making set up and sign management simple.

Chuck Edwards, President and CEO of Tred comments, "We are thrilled that our new product was recognized by the ISA, and with the favorable reaction at the Sign Expo. Many sign makers immediately recognized the value and potential for Smart Signs in the signage industry. Digital Signage is the red-hot market in large format graphics and POP displays. Using tredPANELS, any sign-maker can enter the digital sign market with a low-cost, light-weight alternative to more costly LCD monitors and large LED screens. TredPANELS enable every sign-maker to produce a new class of digital signage using their existing cut-vinyl or inkjet printing systems."

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