Barco and Baranday Collaborate for Swiss AV market -

Barco and Baranday Collaborate for Swiss AV market

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Barco has announced Baranday as its distribution partner in Switzerland for Barco's projection and image processing products. With this new partnership, Swiss resellers, system integrators and others will experience easier access to Barco’s projection product line and support services.

Barco and Baranday have built a relationship since 2006: the Swiss AV expert has been providing the local rental and staging market with Barco products for all those years. Signing this new agreement, Baranday will now also become the official Swiss distributor of projection products and image processing products for fixed installs, offering resellers, system integrators and mid-sized rental companies access to Barco’s full range of projection and image processing products for business and events applications.

“Building up a network of distribution partners helps us increase our number of customer touch points,” said Dirk Hendrickx, VP Sales Western Europe at Barco. “Barco chose Baranday as it is a service-oriented company that offers reliable, flexible and efficient services and knows our products inside out. In this way, we can assure our Swiss clients of first-class services and speedy deliveries and installations.”

“We are thrilled with this partnership,” said Nicola Votta, CEO Baranday. “I have a past working as service engineer at Barco, so we know what to expect and how to put Barco’s solutions to use. By extending our rental and staging services with fixed installs of projection and image processing products, we can offer Swiss clients a total package.”

“We are always looking for new ways to provide (future) clients with an even better service, and making our products easily available to them. Based on our past experience of cooperating closely with Baranday, we are confident that this new agreement will turn out to be a success,” said Dirk Hendrickx . “This partnership offers many opportunities and growth possibilities for both companies.”


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