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Crestron Fusion Provides Easy Device Management and Information Gathering

Crestron Fusion Provides Easy Device Management and Information Gathering
  • Building management is created by smart rooms that are tied together.
  • If you ask what Crestron Fusion is, you're sure to to a lot of words. For the rest of us, Fusion software gathers information from all your rooms and displays it in one easy to understand format. From five rooms to five hundred, Fusion is the glue. From a few rooms to a few campuses, Fusion can give you the information you need.
  • Fusion provides device management and gives you feedback from other manufactures. It provides:
  • - filter status
  • - lamp info
  • - display usage
  • - resolution
  • - turn on/off via action based event. Easy to change. Windows based - no 'code' to understand

If a Crestron processor can control a device, it can be part of the system. If there is user error, it can send a message to the touch screen telling them you're working on the system. From your computer, you can switch the input and fix the issue. Bam!

Asset Management - you can put all device info (warranty, who to call, serial #, etc).

Run reports - lets you use your equipment better.

Emergency messaging - you can get emergency messages to the rooms and devices (like the Epson projector) and the touch screens.

Scheduling - 3, 4, and 9-inch panels will change color when a room is in use. Make a meeting on the panel and it will be on your Outlook. You can scroll through the day... And find available rooms

Supports exchange, google calendar, and more...

Environment management - this is for lighting and HVAC. It will allow you to control the temp and lights. "The room is to hot for my meeting." You can control this from anywhere. Of course, here too you can set events. If a room is not scheduled, lights will be off. All this without a programmer! There are also pre-meeting rules that can be created - again without a programmer.

Another new feature to note is Time Clock, which allows you to again create events around the clock. From here you can turn the lights on minutes before sunset. Then check out the report on your energy usage. It can be as specific as energy usage by load and even by hour!