2010 Digi Awards: the Best Digital Signage Applications

2010 Digi Awards: the Best Digital Signage Applications

Digital Signage in a Retail store, Local Rollout

• Unified Brand and Scala for Camelback Toyota. Camelback Toyota, located in Phoenix, AZ, has moved into a new, stateof- the-art, 62,000-square-foot showroom alongside a 65,000-square-foot service facility. After a vendor search, Camelback Toyota contacted Phoenixbased Unified Brand to help with developing a digital signage network that would offer custom content and a highend brand experience. Working closely with Scala, Unified Brand put the pedal to the metal to create a sophisticated digital signage network with an expansive fleet of flat-screen TVs and delivered all the customized content Camelback Toyota was seeking, including a “build your car” feature.

T-Ven (Peru) for LG Electronics at Jockey Plaza Shopping Center in Lima, Peru.

• Winntech Display Systems, Inc. for the H&R Block Interactive Storefront, New York Flagship store. Winntech developed several high-tech elements that were incorporated into the new flagship, including a large-format, 20-screen, touch-capable video “smart wall” array, ticker-style monitor arrays mounted on perimeter soffits, and independent touchscreen feedback stations. Winntech not only engineered custom hardware and software applications, but also wrote and produced the video content that provides interactive service and technical information on the smart wall in new, exciting ways.

• T-Ven (Peru) for LG Electronics at Jockey Plaza Shopping Center in Lima, Peru. This install features 48 LCD monitors tiled together in row, all placed one next to each other around a 50-meter circular perimeter at Jockey Plaza Shopping Center — one of the largest and most popular malls in Lima, Peru. By using three ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes they could drive the 48 LCD monitors instead of using 48 ONELAN Net-Top- Boxes. ONELAN Digital Signage was chosen by LG due to its ease of administration through a Local Area Network as well as its remote control through a WAN. The system was commissioned to be reliable and able to be controlled remotely, and ONELAN Digital Signage fulfils both these requirements

Unified Brand and Scala for Camelback Toyota.

■ WINNER Advanced AV for Swiss Farms. The digital signage and AV installation is part of a comprehensive revamp of the Swiss Farms image, as the chain seeks to re-brand itself as “the customer’s in-between shopping trip.” With the new flagship location in Millmont Park, PA and a fully revamped legacy store in Drexel Hill, PA, this brand is not what early customers remember. A digital signage network with audio draws customers in, shares important information about sales, and replaces “dead-tree” flyers and static message boards that listed products for sale. The store intends to retrofit all 12 of its existing locations and incorporate the new building design, digital signage, and technology systems in all of its new corporate stores, plus any franchise locations. The newest Swiss Farms location was voted “Best Exterior” in the June issue of the trade magazine Convenience Store News. Especially noteworthy: The system had to be able to integrate with a customer loyalty program.

Retail Roll-out, National

NEC Display Solutions and Pei Wei restaurant.

• STRATACACHE, Wireless Zone, In-Store Digital Merchandising. In May 2010, Wireless Zone had three key retail objectives in mind, which were successfully met by leveraging a digital signage network: [1] Unveil a new interactive way for its customers to shop for mobile devices. [2] Utilize digital signage for the launch of its in-store promotional campaigns. [3] Create a reliable, stable solution that is robust enough to power its entire digital signage network without bogging down its IT department’s resources. Wireless Zone’s digital signage installation allowed for its entire portfolio of mobile products and plan options to be promoted on two-to-seven screens placed throughout key locations within each retail store. With STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media digital signage software, consumers were able to experience a new level of interaction with the products Wireless Zone offered by displaying graphically appealing content and product information about key attributes of various mobile devices. The installation is located in over 400 regional retail stores.

■ WINNER NEC Display Solutions and Pei Wei restaurant. Each of the 162 nationwide Pei Wei locations had the digital menu boards installed with a design that was special to each location, yet one that was consistent to the Pei Wei brand. Each of the 486 displays also can be equipped with a screen protector in the event customers mistake the menu boards for interactive signage. RiseVision software runs the deployment. The digital signage installation allows Pei Wei to test new menu items quickly. This makes Pei Wei a more agile business because new ideas can be tested quickly and decisions can be made faster to help the restaurant stay competitive and better serve customer tastes. It is also easier to highlight specials, to help the restaurant take advantage of current inventory more effectively. The system is also a way for Pei Wei to respond to the new U.S. laws governing display of caloric and other nutritional information in QSR’s.

• C-Nario and CTV (integrator), digital signage network at Israel Discount Bank. The installation is located at Israel Discount Bank’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, and in140 branches across Israel. In addition to customer-oriented content, the bank’s digital signage network includes internal communications and e-learning programs. Success was not measured quantitatively, but qualitatively: success in creating an atmosphere, entertaining people, providing information, and reducing perceived waiting time.

• Winntech Display Systems, Inc., Grupo Salinas, Elektra Store Within A Store. The core component of the Elektra Wireless store-within-a-store is the modular merchandising fixture. A large canopy with Elektra Wireless signage creates visual interest and helps physically define the zone. A large-format touchscreen plays a compelling attractor loop animation and invites customers to get an introduction to the world of Elektra Wireless.

• X2O Media for the Health Club Media Network (HCMN). HCMN is reinventing the health club experience by boldly creating exciting new advertising and communications experiences that provide unprecedented benefits to patrons and gym chains alike. Managing content in more than 600 gyms across the country was accomplished by the HCMN network’s most integral feature: X2O Media’s powerful Xpresenter digital signage platform.

Scala for Texas State Technical College (TSTC).

Interactive Technology Roll-out

■ WINNER Scala for Texas State Technical College (TSTC). This entry combines an educational program with an actual installation. This is the first time a college is pairing a graphic design degree with marketing strategy and applying it to the digital signage medium. Students will use Scala software to create content and manage playlists, as well as learn how to identify audiences and measure and track digital marketing results. At TSTC, students receive training in digital signage completely online in a virtual classroom environment called Second Life where students log in with an avatar. The program is a coordinated effort between TSTC and Western Texas College (WTC). The degree includes courses on digital content creation with animation using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, as well as other animation and video software. Students also learn system design and scheduling using well-known industry products such as Scala Content Manager and Scala Player.

Best Digital Signage Deployment for Transportation

Omnivex Corporation for the City of Los Angeles, Destination Shuttle Services (DSS).

• Omnivex Corporation for the City of Los Angeles, Destination Shuttle Services (DSS). DSS now provides hotel shuttle services for over 2.5 million people annually both to and from LAX and the surrounding hotels. The system aims to enhance the hospitality experience by providing passengers with relevant travel, hotel, and city information while on the buses and within the hotels. The goal of the system is to extend the hospitality guests are used to at the hotel all the way to the curb at the airport. Through the use of Omnivex GPSLink, DSS can provide their passengers with location-based content on the moving buses. Each bus has a Windows-based PC running Windows 7 and Omnivex software, as well as a GPS bud. Using Omnivex Moxie software and Microsoft Windows 7 location-based services, GPS coordinates sent via a 3G network to the server in real-time indicate the current location of the bus. This makes content relevant for the viewers. By linking the digital signage on the buses with interactive kiosks in the hotels, the whole journey becomes part of the hotel experience

■ WINNER NEC Display for Raleigh- Durham (RDU) International Airport. All of the 390 displays in RDU are operated from one central location that enables its information services team to centrally monitor and manage the health and status of each individual screen. The airport is able to completely control all aspects of the signage, from power functionality to content management from a single location, on the Airport Authority’s content management system. With multitudes of areas to cover, including FIDS, marketing, visual paging, multiple access cable television (MATV), wayfinding, gate area displays with specific flight information, baggage claim, and more, RDU wanted solutions that were easy to maintain and operate. The NEC displays overcame these challenges with their low failure rate and ability to adjust according to the various light conditions throughout the airport. These displays offer the same features and capabilities, allowing RDU the flexibility it needs to operate a multi-functioning digital signage system.

EAV, Engenharia Audiovisual (the Integrator), and C-nario, with Firefox Com (reseller), for Brazil’s Sport Club Internacional.

• Gnosysoft and Scala for Ad Airport Media and ClearChannel Interspace Airports. This installation meets and greets all 7.5 million air travelers that use Larnaca Airport. It educates them about what Cyprus has to offer as a travel destination. Upon arrival, travelers are met by two state-of-the-art digital signage media: the Sequential Digital Strip and i-Player, which are installed next to the terminal’s moving walkway, or travelator. The Sequential Digital Strip is made of blocks of eight, 16, 24, 40, and 64 screens. The same creative message is placed on each screen block, and the duration of the content loop matches exactly the time a passenger stands on the travelator. This allows advertisers to broadcast their messages continuously or repeatedly so that a passenger can view the entire message at least once at each stage of the travelator trip.

Best Deployment, Entertainment or Hospitality (cinema, sports venue, hotels, etc)

■ WINNER EAV, Engenharia Audiovisual (the Integrator), and C-nario, with Firefox Com (reseller), for Brazil’s Sport Club Internacional. The installation is located at the museum of Brazil’s Sport Club Internacional, one of the country’s leading soccer teams. The museum is located at Inter’s stadium in Porto Alegre. Two large LED screens (400x200 cm) were placed at the entrance to the museum. These function as a sort of TV news channel of Sport Club Internacional, showing team matches and other sports activities, training sessions, facts related to soccer, and more. A special section of the museum, called “Ser Gigante” (To Be Giant), includes three large front projector screens that present the club’s historic path, including major achievements. Another section, called “The Torch,” is considered a “video sculpture” and contains 36 TV screens that display scenes from Inter’s matches, plus images that show teams, flags, and fans. Visitors have the feeling of actually being in the great moments of the club’s history.

• X2O Media for Disney/ESPN, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. X2O’s Xpresenter 3.0 digital signage platform distributes 34 channels of highlights and dynamic content to the complex’s HD screens, including multiple real-time data sources, such as weather, news, and live tournament results. Screens are located throughout the 220-acre ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, both inside and outside, including the large LED walls.

Digital Display and Communications (now owned by Cineplex) and Omnivex for the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Air Canada Centre.

• Digital Display and Communications (now owned by Cineplex) and Omnivex for the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Air Canada Centre. The digital signage system allows the arena to be rebranded for each of the different teams who play at the Air Canada Centre (e.g., NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, NBA’s Toronto Raptors, and other events) from night to night quickly and easily. By installing a system that could manage very complex content playlists based on pre-defined rules and metadata associated with all of the various media assets, the digital signage system is intuitive enough to be able to determine what content to play on which screens according to the predefined rules. For example, the software is linked to the scorekeeping system so that when a goal is scored, every screen in the facility displays a “GOAL” message. This functionality has allowed Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to be able to sell advertising space based on various sponsorship tiers throughout the game and then track this data to determine how often it is played, where, and when.

• C.V. Lloyde and Black Box Network Services for I Hotel and Conference Center (Champaign, IL). The purp[ose of the digital signage systems was to improve and enhance the total guest experience in the exclusive hotel /conference center by providing meeting schedule and location information in real time, as well as to promote hotel services and amenities; also to help the facility be viewed as a progressive, first-class hotel worthy of a five-star rating. It features 23 iCOMPEL HD digital signage appliance (160 GB) units configured as subscriber units and one iCOMPEL HD Plus highspeed digital signage appliance (500 GB) used as digital signage publisher, all racked in a central management suite.

• Alpha Video for Choctaw Casino Resort, Durant, OK. The casino covers more than 110,000 sq. ft. with over 3000 slot machines. The extensive digital signage system features over 170 Samsung LCDs. An advanced Crestron control systems is installed. Crestron touchscreen panels are installed in certain gaming areas, like the Poker room, High Stakes, and Party Pits, so that the operators in those areas can change the messages on the digital signs by touching the panels. Alpha Video selected NetStreams MediaLinx video encoders and NetStreams ViewLinX IP video decoders to send the video signal over the IP network. All of the video encoders are installed in the centralized equipment rack.

Scala and dealer Zero-In Media for 4Food.

Best Deployment, Integration of Digital Signage and Mobile/ Cell Phone Technology

■ WINNER Scala and dealer Zero- In Media for 4Food. This digital signage installation complements one of the most dynamic cultures within quick service restaurants. With digital menu boards and a giant LED wall, the digital signage network integrates with the restaurant’s point-of-sales system and real-time inventory. Also, the network integrates with online community that 4Food has created where customers can build their burgers and sandwiches online and then pick them up in store. This can be done on a computer, or the customer can use 4Food’s smartphone application. Once the customer enters the store, a giant 13- x 20-foot LED wall displays digital art, streaming television along with all Twitter feeds directed at 4Food’s handle and any FourSquare updates. When the order is ready to picked up and paid for, it flashes the person’s name or account name. Orders can also be taken at the register, which sits under a digital menu board wall that is five screens across by two screens high. The digital menu boards are made up of 10 46’-inch Samsung LCD screens.

• Winntech Display Systems, Inc. for Grupo Iusacell (one of Latin America’s largest cellular phone providers). Customers can make independent purchase decisions by browsing products and services at the touchscreen terminal. By decreasing the rate of speed at the checkout station, the sales representative can oversee the entire merchandising area at all times. A key component of the feature fixture is the interactive touchscreen. It allows customers to discover Iusacell’s entire product and service offering, making it is possible to scale an entire retail experience down to a single kiosk. The fixture can accommodate all tangible and intangible retail scenarios. It features custom Winntech software, and is in multiple retails stores throughout Mexico.

Judges Choice Award

■ WINNER Disk-In Pro (designer and implementor) and C-nario for the Israeli Pavilion in Expo 2010 China. This project required the creation of an experience that could deliver the messages to a huge number of visitors (over 15,000 visitors a day). The structure of the pavilion is unique and was designed by architect Haim Dotan. The projection space structure is rounded and includes 360-degree projection, which required a technological solution and adapting the content accordingly; creating a light ball that rises to the ceiling and activates the lighting of the balls that wrap the personal screens; and projection on paintings, requiring a complete synchronization of all the technological systems.

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