Digital Projection Adopts VIDI Technology For Projector Line -

Digital Projection Adopts VIDI Technology For Projector Line

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Digital Projection International's (DPI) their entire single-chip projector line is now available with VIDI technology. DPI offers over 35 products within their iVision 20 and iVision 30 projector platforms, along with seven distinct dVision models. Incredibly bright for their small size, iVisions produce up to 3700 lumens and 5000:1 contrast while the dVisions produce up to 6500 lumens and contrast ratios of up to 7500:1.

VIDI is a Philips innovation developed in close cooperation with Texas Instruments in order to optimize the image performance of DLP-based projectors for both video and data applications. VIDI electronics activate the UHP lamp by way of a two-pulse system: one brilliant pulse and one dark pulse. The dark pulse enhances contrast, providing a smoother, more vivid image, while the brilliant pulse boosts brightness by up to 25 percent to 30 percent. The brilliant pulse ensures there is a noticeable increase in the brightness of the projected image.


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