Not Just Analysts– Projection Summit Hands On Projection Demos

The 12th Projection Summit will feature presentations on the latest trends, technologies and market updates for the professional projection industry. This year, attendees will be able to see several demonstrations that have never been shown before. This includes a side-by-side demonstration of five hybrid projectors, multiple projection-based in-room collaboration demos, a 6-color 3D laser projector demonstration, and a live demonstration of the InfoComm "Projected Image System Contrast Ratio” standard. Projection Summit will be held on the two days prior to InfoComm on Monday/Tuesday, June 10-11.

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Hybrid Side-by-Side Demonstration

At the Hybrid session, to be held on the morning of June 11 at Projection Summit, attendees will be able to see 5 hybrid projectors in a side-by-side demonstration showing the same content. This will allow users to judge the image quality of the projectors for themselves.

Representatives from Casio, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Optoma and Sony will be on hand to talk about their projector technology and product/application focus and to support the demonstration. Moderator Alan Brawn will kick off the session providing some basic information on hybrid projection technology and markets, setting the stage for the individual company presenters. A panel discussion will help attendees better understand the issues and opportunities for the hybrid projector market.

Content consisting of test images, videos and patterns that are part of the Projection Image System Contrast Ratio standard, will be used in the side-by-side demos of the hybrid projectors. All will have matched screens. Attendees will have the full lunch hour period to view this demonstration and ask questions of the company representatives.

BYOD Collaboration

An important topic in the ProAV industry is how to manage and integrate personal devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops into the corporate environment, especially for conference room sharing of information. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend will be explored at Projection Summit with live explanations and demonstrations of collaborative solutions using projection displays and personal devices.

For example, Mersive Technologies will showcase their Solstice collaborative solution using a Delta display system consisting of two blended short throw projectors. Barco will showcase their ClickShare solution using the 21:9 aspect ratio F35 projector from projectiondesign, which it recently acquired. Tidebreak will offer a solution called TideSpot for BYOD using the main projection screen for the event.
6P 3D Laser Projector

A 6P 3D laser projector means there are six laser primary wavelengths used to create the 3D image. Three RGB wavelenths are used to create the left eye image while three slightly different RGB wavelengths are used to create the right eye image. Such a solution will allow brighter, more efficient and higher contrast 3D images for cinemas, visualization, entertainment, medical, and many other specialized markets. For the first time, Necsel and Infitec will team up to demonstrate their 6P solution at Projection Summit.

Projection Image System Contrast Ratio Demonstration

InfoComm and industry participants worked recently to forge this new standard to help ensure that integrators can design and install projection solutions that offer the highest contrast in their application environments. DNP will perform the measurement in the application live in front of attendees during their talk.

Other Important Sessions at Projection Summit Include:

•The 4K projector opportunity with presentations by Sony, Barco and Lang
•Laser Device update with presentations from Laser Light Engines, NECSEL, C2C Link and Modulight
•Projection Market Opportunities described by Furturesource Consulting, Innovation Bureau and Screen Goo
•Laser Projection Regulatory issues discussed by JBMIA and LIPA
•Advanced Projection Components and Engines with presentations by Greenlight Optics, Wavien, Appotronics and Osram
•3D Projection update from Infitec and, Real D

Projection Summit provides a place to discuss the trends, technology, markets and business aspects of the projection industry. The executive-level conference allows attendees to hear from and engage with the industry’s business, marketing, and technology leaders from all levels of the big screen display value chain. The Monday/Tuesday sessions and discussion will focus on key industry trends and issues – matters that will affect business decisions at all levels of the industry.

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