New Products: March 2012

New Products: March 2012


NEC Display Solutions’ 46-inch X462HB is designed for the rigors of 24/7 operation in a variety of applications, including outdoor digital signage, drivethru menu boards, and video walls. The new X462HB offers a quarter-lambda polarizing film, which allows for outdoor viewing with polarized sunglasses in both landscape and portrait orientations. This is essential for quick-service restaurant (QSR) owners to ensure their customers can easily and clearly read the drive-thru menu with any type of polarized eyewear. The display’s full high-definition panel is a new feature in this next generation model.

Chief VCMU

Chief’s VCMU heavy duty universal projector mount features solid steel construction and provides the strong support needed for mounting heavy LCD/CRT projectors. A three-step installation process and micro-adjustments allow users to quickly achieve registration. Other features of the VCMU include integrated cable management (no additional accessories required) and quick connect/disconnect for convenient lamp and filter access on most projectors.

Aurora NXT-1330V

Aurora Multimedia’s hybrid NX T-1330V 13.3-inch touchpanel in-wall controller integrates a control system processor with multiple ports (LAN, Serial, IR, Relay, I/O, Audio Line In/Out) into a web-based touchscreen controller. The extremely versatile hybrid combines a spectacular 13.3- inch 1,280 x 800 resolution touchpanel display, 1080p scaler, and a 32-bit 900-MIPS control system engine at an affordable price.

Altinex DIGI Sniffer

Altinex’s DIGI Sniffer digital video signal detector/tester is designed for measuring digital video signal strength. This handheld signal testing solution is compatible with HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort signal types and accommodates any signal resolution. The DI GI Sniffer features a six LED bar graph that shows the strength of the video signal connected to the device. A tool for testing all HDMI compliant video sources and cables, the DI GI Sniffer monitors the digital video signal and determines the degradation level.

Crestron CaptureLiveHD

CaptureLiveHD provides school faculty and business presenters with a one-button solution to schedule, record, publish online, and view lectures, presentations, medical procedures, seminars, and training sessions. CaptureLiveHD is designed as a complete yet practical meeting and lecture capture solution that’s easy to use and budget-friendly for wide-scale deployment. The CaptureLiveHD system includes the Capture HD High-Definition Capture Recorder, CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM touchscreen controller, a choice of Sony PTZ or Sony Compact HD video cameras, and CaptureLiveHD Software. CaptureLiveHD allows instructors to teach using their choice of analog or digital media sources including high-definition videos, computers, whiteboards, and annotators.

Da-Lite Tensioned Conference Electrol

DaLite’s Tensioned Conference Electrol is an electric screen that allows the projection screen and video conferencing camera to be completely concealed when not in use. The housing of the Tensioned Conference Electrol is designed to be recessed in the ceiling, and includes a trim flange for a clean, finished installation. The shelf for the video conferencing camera lowers via arms behind the screen surface. When retracted, the screen surface and video conferencing shelf arms are completely concealed by closure doors. The Tensioned Conference Electrol is available in sizes up to 10 wide with any of Da-Lites flexible front projection surfaces.

BenQ SmartEco

BenQ’s SmartEco lamp technology combines energy efficiency for longer lamp life with high image contrast, enhancing imaging performance while reducing projector operating and maintenance costs. SmartEco technology saves energy and increases lamp life by adjusting the lamp power to different brightness settings based on the projected content. SmartEco lets the projector compensate for this process with an internal software solution that maintains the ideal color spectrum and also provides an improved contrast ratio.

Gepco RunONE

Gepco International’s RunONE powered speaker cables combine audio and power along with optional data under one durable yet flexible jacket. RunONE allows the user to run just one cable in place of multiple cables. Each RunONE cable combines one channel of power with two, eight, or 12 channels of 110 Ohm balanced audio for line level, mic level, or digital AES audio signals, and can be used with self-powered speakers or in DMX lighting control. Additional configurations include two channels of Cat-5e cables that can be used for data drops in remote power and audio applications.

BitWise BC-1

BitWise Controls’ BC1 is an automation controller that features an internal scripting engine to make complex automation and control logic possible. The built-in astronomical clock functionality allows tasks to be triggered based on time of day. It also features SMS text control, so users can trigger tasks or notify users via SMS Text messaging. The BC-1 also features expanded two-way support with four RS232 ports and multiple simultaneous TCP client device capabilities; the BC1 can handle enough two-way devices for virtually any system.


The ZIGEN ZIG-HVX-102 kit is for long distance transmissions of HDMI video, uncompressed imbedded audio with bi-directional RS-232, and IR signals over a single CAT–5e/6 type cable. The extender can be used as a point-to-point extending solution or integrated with any third party HDCP compliant product. This extender supports 1080p60, 4K x 2K resolutions with 3D and uncompressed audio for up to 328-ft with true deep colors.

Sony VPL-SW535, VPL-SX535

The VPL-SW 535 projector (WX GA resolution) and the VPL-SX 535 projector (XGA resolution) each deliver 3,000 lumens, which is among the brightest level offered by products in the ultra shortthrow category. Designed to add flexibility to classroom and business presentations, the new models can deliver a large image from a short distance. The new models are designed for optimum energy efficiency with just 290W power consumption for the SW 535 model and 310W for SX 535 model. The expected lamp and filter maintenance time for each model can reach up to 6,000 hours depending on lamp mode selected and operating environment. These ultra short throw projectors are equipped with optical zoom and lens shift capability.


FSR’s T3-MJ+ table microphone box series furnishes an elegant yet simple solution for mounting gooseneck microphones. The stylish mini table box, available in a variety of models, accommodates a wide range of tables and lecterns for any applications requiring a gooseneck mic. The T3-MJ+ is available in three finishes: black, brass and aluminum. The basic model offers improved noise isolation and features a built-in acoustically isolated microphone connector to accommodate mics with three-pin XL R plugs and diameters of one inch or less, while providing shock and vibration damping.

QSC Core 500i

The Core 500i and Core 250i provide advanced centralized processing, routing, and control for contractors and consultants needing a solution for smaller venues such as restaurants, nightclubs, stores, schools, and churches. These two new Core models are fully integrated solutions, each with eight card slots on-board. The Core500i is capable of up to 128 network channels while the Core 250i provides up to 64 channels. I/O is selectable via the various Q-Sys I/O cards. Options also include the MTP-64, and MTP- 128 multitrack players.

BryteWerks Model One

BryteWerks’ Model One line of Intel Core CPU-based digital projectors merge computer, digital, and optical technologies with connectivity capabilities for cost-effective and intuitive multimedia control. Designed for either consumer or professional applications, the BryteWerks Model One line delivers exhibition-quality 16:10 widescreen 1,920x1,200 resolution through an LCD native WUX GA panel. The projectors also feature an ultra-high brightness of 6,000 to 11,000 lumens, an 1,000:1 true contrast ratio, and a 1:1 throw of one foot to 50 feet.

Cables To Go TruLink Controller

Developed specifically for use in K-12 classrooms, Cables To Go’s TruLink AV Controller allows teachers to centrally operate AV equipment through a unit that is simple to install, program, and operate. The TruLink AV Controller from Cables To Go makes it easier to control projectors, DVD and Blu-ray players, document cameras, and other AV devices used in the classroom. The wallmount AV keypad is backlit and features eight interchangeable buttons that can operate up to four programmable commands per button.

Kramer VP-81KSi

Kramer Electronics’ VP-81KS i is an analog step-in switcher for computer graphics video. The unit can switch any one of eight inputs to one computer graphics video, one unbalanced and one balanced stereo audio and one twisted pair output. The VP-81KS i is designed to work with a family of step-in modules: the SI-1VGA, SI-1VGAT, and WSI-1VGA. With the VP-81KS i, meeting attendees can connect the computer graphics video and audio from their laptops into the module located in a TBUS at their seat. The module is prewired to the switcher that is connected to the projector.

PESA HDcctv Routing Switcher

PESA’s 16X16 PESA HDcctv Routing Switcher is the first HDcctv routing switcher with full compliance to the HDcctv Alliance high-definition video interface standard for security and surveillance systems. With just a single RG-59 coax cable for each port, users can connect up to 16 HDcctv-compliant video cameras to the PESA HDcctv Routing Switcher and output up to 16 individual coax connections for HDcctv DVR or display devices.

Channel Vision W-4001

Channel Vision’s W-4001 web camera server has a built-in web server, allowing up to four cameras to be converted to a digital IP Camera and viewed over the network or web. With increased surveillance demands and tighter budgets, this unit allows users to keep their existing analog cameras while upgrading to an IP camera system. Video can be viewed in real-time over the internet using the included CMS software from either a PC or Mac. It can also be accessed from a 3G phone using apps specifically designed for iPhone and Android, or from touchscreen controllers, including those from AMX, Control4, Colorado vNet, and Savant.

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch

Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is a touchscreen controller that combines security and lifestyle technology by allowing business owners to centrally control both security and automation functions such as temperature, lighting, and more. With a bright, full-color, 7-inch display, Tuxedo Touch uses a built-in controller that communicates with devices such as thermostats, lighting controls, shades, and locks via the Z-Wave communications protocol. Additionally, a built-in web server gives users the ability to control the system using Wi-Fienabled devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and internet TVs, regardless of operating system.

Black Box Wireless VPS III

Black Box’s 802.11n system shares PC video wirelessly in meeting rooms with VGA projectors or displays. IEEE 802.11n compliant, the new Wireless Video Presentation System III (AC1132A) supports greater throughput for more reliable transmissions of video presentations. The updated Wireless VPS III enables a roomful of PC or Mac laptop users, as well as PDA/Windows Mobile users, to project video and audio from right where they sit, eliminating the need for users to plug and unplug cables at the projector when switching presenters.

SpinetiX HMP130

SpinetiX’s HMP130 hyper media player features added functionality and performance characteristics. The HMP130 player has been designed for use with SpinetiX Fusion content management software. Fusion runs within the HMP130 and offers 30 percent more computational power. As a browser based program, Fusion displays instant information including videos with tickers and animations thanks to more powerful processing from technology partner Texas Instruments DaVinci video processors located in the heart of the digital signage appliance. SpinetiX offers lifetime warranty on the HMP130. Offering affordable and targeted messaging, the HMP130 uses an open scalable vector graphics (SVG) platform and performs the functions of mixing streaming video, encoded video or images, and audio file formats with other dynamic information, such as RSS or XML.

Hall Research VSM-A-I-4-JA4

Hall Research’s VSMA- I-4-JA4 is a 4x4 AV cross point switch with VGA/YPbPr video and balanced stereo audio inputs and outputs. A secondary set of RJ45outputs are provided for sending video and audio to 1,000 feet directly from the matrix switcher to compatible AV over UTP receivers. The VGA inputs feature over 550 MHz of bandwidth, zero cross-talk, DD C/EDID support, and are compatible with resolutions to 1,920x1,200. Stereo line-level audio input and outputs are balanced to prevent ground-loop noise or RFI/ EMI interference. In the tradition of Genesis series of switchers, the front-panel features intuitive controls with ability to start ties from any input or output, synchronized or separate audio switching, and save/ recall preset patterns. The unit features both RS-232 and IP control ports. IP control includes embedded web-based software, which enables control (and configuration) from any PC, tablet, or smart phone.

Revolabs FLX

Revolabs’ FLX wireless conference phone has been tested and verified to operate with IBM Sametime software. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices, and SOHO environments, the Revolabs FLX now offers seamless integration with IBM Sametime to deliver audio quality. IBM Sametime delivers unified, real-time communication and collaboration services from enterprise instant messaging and online meetings to telephony and video conferencing. The software allows businesses to improve how work gets done while reducing travel and telephony expenses. Through the new integration with IBM Sametime, users simply plug the Revolabs FLX wireless conference phone into their computer for superior audio performance.

Gefen Mini Pattern Signal Generator

Gefen’s next generation Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV is designed for easy mobility when installing, designing, or troubleshooting AV systems in the field. Features include real-time testing of multiple displays and projectors, support for 3DTV, and the small, lightweight enclosure. The Gefen ToolBox Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV supplies several test patterns for calibrating and testing video performance. New video testing patterns are provided, including 19 HDTV and VESA standard timings.

Community DP6

A true coaxial loudspeaker with an HF compression driver, the DP6 offers Community’s patented Carbon Ring Cone technology and Tru-Phase high-frequency waveguide for consistent, wide dispersion up to 16 kHz. Uniform voicing allows the entire range of Distributed Design ceiling, surface, and pendant mount loudspeakers to be combined in a single installation with no compromise of consistency from zone to zone. The DP6 is equipped with a built-in autoformer, allowing the loudspeaker’s full output and performance to be realized with 70V or 100V distribution lines.

Hitachi Installation Series

Hitachi America’s Installation Series projectors offer two HDMI inputs, addressing the increasing demand for digital connectivity. The Installation Series also features motorized focus, zoom, and lens shift. Several Installation Series models will feature 360-degree off-axis display. Each projector model will be equipped with a high-performance filter that can last up to 20,000 hours without cleaning. An operation log recorder feature allows users to access internal status and server conditions. The Installation Series also offers flexible installation, with four optional interchangeable lenses to accommodate for different throw distances.

Auralex ProMAX Panels

Auralex Acoustics’ ProMAX Panels are designed as a portable, lightweight, yet effective absorption treatment for such run-and-gun recording and performance applications as studio rentals, live events, and temporary recording. They can be used in any location where mounting acoustical treatments to the wall are not possible or ideal. Their lightweight and flexible design makes them appropriate portable absorbers as they can be moved easily and positioned to reduce audible reflections in any recording or listening environment.


Video Mount Products’ FP-MFTB multijust mid-size flat-panel wall mount with tilt is now shipping. The low profile FP-MFTB holds most medium-sized flat-panels from 27- to 42-inches and up to 100 lbs. The FP-MFTB also has adjustable tilt of -5 degrees to +15 degrees while keeping the flat-panel close to the wall.

Platinum Tools Hanging Hardware

Platinum Tools’ new line of hanging hardware options: hardware for hanging ceiling wire, jack chain, threaded rod, and eye lag screws are designed as an efficient, secure, and cost effective solution for any installation. Features of various hanging hardware products include: all steel construction; powder actuated for fastening to concrete; threaded and non-threaded holes to accommodate jack chain, ceiling wire, or threaded rod.


The Audix FP QUAD drum mic pack represents a simple, effective combination of microphones needed to capture the depth and imaging of a full drum kit. Featuring the F6 dynamic microphone for kick drum, the F5 dynamic microphone for snare drum and two F9 condenser microphones for overhead applications, the FP QUAD effectively blends the mic’d sounds, portraying the complete drum kit. The F5 and F6 are high SPL, dynamic microphones.

Epson PowerLite Pro Z-series

Epson’s PowerLite Pro Z-series projector line has expanded with the introduction of five new models delivering advanced image quality, connectivity and installation tools, as well as an expanded feature set with edge blending, split screen capability and DI COM Simulation mode2. The PowerLite Pro Z series projectors offer additional features for large venue applications, including 3LCD, 3-chip technology, 5000:1 contrast ratio, an innovative liquid cooling system, and a duallamp design that further enhances image quality, performance and reliability. These projectors also offer Crestron RoomView compatibility, messaging broadcasting, a centered lens design, LAN connectivity, a built-in closed captioning decoder, and six optional lenses, including a rear-projection lens, with horizontal and vertical lens shift.

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