Barco Events Announces LED Sales Growth in First Quarter 2002 -

Barco Events Announces LED Sales Growth in First Quarter 2002

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Barco Events announced in late April that the company's LED sales rose by over 50 percent during Q1 2002 compared with the same period last year. The division, one of the fastest growing within the BARCO group, has boasted several substantial orders this year, including orders by US-based wholesale rental giant VER (Video Equipment Rentals), multinational event engineering companies PSL Group (USA & UK), Avesco Group--Screenco & Creative Technology (USA & UK), as well as VPS (France), IMAG Video (USA) and AV Teknik (Sweden). Barco Events has already received LED orders in excess of $25 million during the first quarter of this year.

According to industry market research data, Barco Events accounted for over 60 percent market share (by value) of the total global LED rental market during 2001. Steve Scorse, Division Manager, Barco Events, stated, "I truly believe that BARCO's continued dedication to delivering a high-quality product, backed by reliable service and support, have differentiated us from our competitors." BARCO will also be a major provider of the LED displays used during the World Cup Football Championships 2002 with the sale of over 430 tiles of DLite 7 to its Korean rental partners Good Media, Hibino Korea, Imtek Korea and SeWoo Korea.

"Our Golden Partner Program, which rewards our rental partners with a level of service and support unheard of in the industry and attests to BARCO's commitment to forming rewarding, long-term relationships with its customers, has ensured our continued success within the competitive LED rental market, " said Scorse.

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Barco Events Announces Partnership with VER for Ultimate Workshop Training Program

Sacramento, July 22, 2004. Barco have announced partnership with VER for the 2nd annual Ultimate Workshop Training Program. Video Equipment Rentals (VER) developed a nation-wide hands-on training program last year that took them to over 30 cities. This year the training program will again provide the attendees will full training on products from Barco-Folsom, Telex and other manufacturers and will hit more than 30 cities this year.

Barco LED for Crane Dance

Barco has announced that it provided the LED screen technology for ‘Crane Dance,’ one of the most spectacular fixed performances ever put together, according to the company. The show, located at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, features the world’s largest pair of animatronics figures dancing on a barge 60 meters (

Barco Launches New LED Pixel B lock at Frankfurt Auto Show

Barco used the Mercedes booth at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany, to unveil its new modular LED pixel block. MiPIX, Barco's modular intelligent LED pixel block, which measures only 4cm by 4cm, allows for the creation of intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backdrops of any form, shape or size, such as this year's Mercedes booth, and also offers the possibility of full video content on 3D logos or other free-form shapes. The MiPIX blocks further facilitate the construction of large-scale backdrops by the fact that they can be spaced apart at various distances, making the pixel blocks a cost-effective medium for ultra-large applications.

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Barco Releases New LED Engine

BELGIUM--Visualization specialist Barco is proud to announce a new line of LED-lit, DLP-based video walls with an improved LED engine. The new OVL range reaches a brightness level that is 20 percent higher than many competing systems, without shortening the projection system’s lifetime. The OVL video wall range is off

Barco Redefines LED Imaging Landscape

In response to an ever-increasing market demand to utilize LED display technology in a creative way, visualization specialist Barco is introducing three products that are ready to go beyond creativity. MiSPHERE, CREATIVE MiPIX and CREATIVE OLITE enable set/show designers to add shape, form and perspective to fully redefine the LED imaging landscape.

Barco LED Tiles In Action At Detroit Auto Show

A large number of global auto manufacturers selected Barco LED tiles for their booths at the 2006 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. In conjunction with rental partners XL Video, Creative Technology, CT Germany, IMAG and Bluewater, Barco LED solutions emerged as the predominant display technology at this year's NAIAS, with over 95 percent of LED installations covering over 10,000 square feet of total space.

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Barco LED Powers Paris Auto Show

When the 2004 Paris Car Show opened its doors to 1.5 million visitors September 23rd, Barcos display solutions were featured at over 85% of the booths at the show. This year Barcos displays formed part of the Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Corvette, General Motors, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, Toyota and Ford booths.