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DSF and BUNN Collaborate for Webinar Series

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Digital Signage Federation and BUNN will collaborate to present a series of monthly webinars to improve the business success of advertising-based, digital place-based media networks. These highly relevant webinars, commencing May 23, 2012, will focus on areas such as revenue achievement, investment attraction and operational efficiencies.

“The 369 ad-based networks now operating across North America offer substantial capability” said Lyle Bunn, a highly-regarded industry analyst, advisor and educator, who will produce and moderate the series. He noted, “these networks face similar, well-known business development challenges in this rapidly changing environment.” Bunn added, “At the same time, many corporate network operators are considering the use of advertising or sponsored messaging to offset their costs of operation and growth”.

Webinars will feature specialists in areas such as ad planning, placement and sales, investment attraction, integration with other marketing channels, analytics and areas where operational efficiencies and economies can be gained. “Network operators, their investors and suppliers will gain knowledge and insights that can be applied immediately to improve their bottom line” said Bunn.

Brian Gorg, Executive Director of DSF, said, “The DSF’s mission is to support and promote the common business interests of the world-wide digital signage industry and as such is committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities that benefit our members’ businesses.” He added, “This webinar series provides an entire curriculum for digital place-based network operators designed to help their businesses succeed.”

Event information and registration for this series, and all of DSF’s free webinars is available on the DSF website at www.digitalsignagefederation.org.

Mark your calendars for the following Ad-Based Network Operators webinar events:

• May 23: “The Media Buyer Mindset”
• June 20: “Media planning/buying priorities – Making the Case for Your Network
• July 25: “Using Viewer Metrics to Increase Ad Sales”
• Aug. 22: “Advertising sales approaches that work”
• Sept 26: “Achieving “local” advertising revenues”
• Events Oct. to Dec: Increasing investment attractiveness
• Events Jan to April: Maximizing Ad-based network capabilities and success


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