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New Wiring, Cable, And Connector Products And Services Fit An Expanding Array Of Applications

In the HD world where bandwidth is now in the gigahertz realm, fiber is increasingly becoming the top choice for delivering content, and even capturing it.

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Belden DataTwist 3600 Cables

Mark Boyadjian, marketing and communications facilitator with Neutrik USA thinks that fiber will soon become the de facto choice, from the camera that films the event to the display device that plays back the finished product.

Fortunately, Boyadjian said that Neutrik’s opticalCON fiber system can be leveraged to provide a reliable solution that delivers quality, regardless of the environment in which it’s used. The opticalCON QUAD is Neutrik’s latest fiber optic product. The opticalCON DUO product was Neutrik’s first fiber product and is based on a duplex LC fiber termination.

Like its brother, the new QUAD accepts a standard LC connection on the back end of the chassis connection (up to four), while receiving the QUAD ruggedized connection on the front. This product was developed for the broadcast video/professional audio markets to address the need for an IP65-rated, weather, and dust resistant fiber connection without the cost prohibitive expense of a military connector. “The line has expanded to include breakout boxes, patch panel frames, and color coded accessories,” Boyadjian said.

He went on to explain that as today’s venues require a multiplicity of combined signal types (video, audio, control, data, etc.), increased signal distance, higher bandwidth, and protection from RF interference, transmitting via light through the use of fiber optics is key to successfully meeting these needs.

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Liberty EDULinx

In response to a diverse menu of specific capabilities and increasingly complex installation requirements in fiber optic and other wiring and cable applications, Liberty Wire & Cable significantly expanded its Technical Services for professional AV installers. Technical Services—free on to AV professionals— provide expertise in signal management solutions tailored to each installation application. Expertise includes fiber optic terminations but also ranges from consultation and advice on blueprints, construction of custom cable solutions, to selecting the right Liberty solution for the application. Liberty’s Technical Services also encompass use of a cable sample book, a ConduitMaster calculator and software, AutoFill, cross reference tools, application-proofing data to prevent spec’ing obsolete products, and product specification sheets.

Beyond providing the right products, Kirk Horlbeck, SVP of marketing, said that Liberty is a critical link in the “triad of the consultant, manufacturer, and installer. We are tightly interfaced with AV consultants and installation professionals.”

Whether it’s schools modernizing their AV offerings, or requests for more HD in entertainment venues, Horlbeck said that systems contractors are turning to Liberty for installspecific assistance. “Our products are infrastructure products that usually go in well before the install,” he said. Technical Services provide the critical data and schematics to reduce the guesswork. “It’s key to careful planning,” he concluded.


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Even with the current trend toward wireless communications, the evolution of wire, cable and connector products continues. Today, the efficient transmission of audio and video signals alongside (and sometimes encoded as) data communications is as crucial as ever. Take a look at our selection of product innovations in these building blocks of the systems integration industry. There's even an enclosure for WiFi systems here. Just goes to show you that even wireless needs a little help from cable at some point in the chain.

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Flush Connections

Regardless of installation type, the need for neatly kept, easily concealed power connections is essential.