Innisfree Brings New In-Store Experience with Digital Technology -

Innisfree Brings New In-Store Experience with Digital Technology

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Innisfree is a fast-growing cosmetics brand in South Korea. In May 2014, the brand officially tapped into the bustling Taipei Eastern District and successfully built a green concept store that unites with nature. Through the use of CAYIN digital signage solutions, Innisfree hopes to combine nature and technology and further provide customers with a different in-store experience.

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Innisfree's video wall
To create an eco-friendly store, Innisfree used a two-story-high living plant wall to design its storefront. Inside the store, they further used the original imported materials from Jeju to create a cozy in-store atmosphere with a strong Jeju cottage style.

To make the brand stand out in the increasingly competitive cosmetics market, Innisfree adopted a 2 × 3 video wall, composed of six 46-inch, 500-nit displays at the shop front. Through the deployment of CAYIN SMP-WEBDUO, a web-based digital signage player, digital content can be played as an extension of natural design and also combine with the in-store Jeju original decorations. Moreover, customers who come into the store can experience and enjoy the unique value of the brand through all of their five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

With the rapid growth of Internet and information technology, the new concept of omni-channel integration has become the crucial challenge for all businesses. Through seamless connections across all available channels such as mobile devices, online platforms, social media, and physical stores, digital signage has become an indispensable medium.

Digital signage provides users with dynamic and flexible marketing solutions, which can further improve the message delivery, enhance the customer satisfaction, strengthen the brand image, and achieve many other goals. The powerful remote management and performance analysis can further help users to increase overall efficiency. This is why digital signage can continuously shine in the ever-changing information era and become an important media platform to any business.


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ComQi’s Passport platform won an award for In-Store Engagement at the 2013 Shopper Innovation Awards. The Passport application allows users to use their smartphone to control content on a digital signage screen to play games, select videos on demand, get money-off coupons and link to their Facebook and Twitter feeds. The product has been deployed in cinemas and fast food outlets in the US and Israel. The Shopper Innovation awards are an annual event presented by Strategy - an industry body for Canada's marketing community.

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