inLighten's Windows OS Digital Media Player

  • inLighten announced the release of Argo, a thumb-sized digital media player for digital signage applications that features a Windows Operating System. Continuing inLighten's long history of producing Windows-based digital signage solutions, the Argo unit offers the same quality combined with a suite of management tools and content resources available from inLighten's hosted network. "Argo was created for organizations that seek the savings in hardware and installation costs made possible through stick-sized media players, while maintaining the consistency of their Windows-based environments," reported inLighten CEO, Dan Snyder. "The success of our Android-based Apollo solution, confirmed that our approach to digital signage will be a dominant format moving forward. As a result, we've worked diligently during the past year to bring the same advantages to the Windows world with Argo."
  • Snyder continued, "Argo represents another landmark in our company's multi-year strategic initiative to create solutions that are more efficient, more cost-effective and more powerful – enabling organizations of all sizes to deploy digital signage virtually anywhere they have an audience they want to reach, with little or no infrastructure investment beyond a display, standard electric and access to the Internet. Our goal has been to liberate our clients from the expense, complexity and inconsistency associated with traditional 'computer-and-cable' based systems, while offering the market at large the advanced capabilities we've become known for in the high-end application world."
  • From inLighten's hosted Argocast network, users can access everything they need to present compelling content on their screens from anywhere at any time – including content creation software and media management tools with scheduling options and network controls available through their Argocast Manager Web account. "What makes Argo so appealing is how much the client receives and how little they have to do to get started," added inLighten VP, Jeff Taylor. "Plug the Argo unit into the HDMI port of your TV and wirelessly connect to the Internet. It's now that simple to implement a fully Windows-enabled digital signage solution."
  • Once plugged in, the Argo unit is configured to automatically connect to the Argocast network to retrieve content and playback instructions. Argocast Manager enables users to designate content for pickup and establish when, where and how they'd like that content to appear. Argo accepts a wide range of video, audio and graphic content types and features the ability to incorporate real-time content elements such as .txt and .xml files, RSS feeds and html. Social media favorites like Twitter and YouTube can also be included for the most dynamic mix of onscreen information available. Matt Welter, inLighten Director of Communications adds that, "With such a range of choices for the kinds of content that can be presented, you might think that there's a big learning curve for users, but because the Manager interface has been designed to accommodate all skill sets, we find that our clients become proficient in a short amount of time and are very quickly displaying content that's dynamic and engaging. "
  • With the introduction of its Windows-based Argo digital signage solution and the expansion of its Android-based Apollo network, inLighten is well on its way to fulfilling its mission to make affordable, reliable, dynamic digital signage available to organizations and enterprises of all sizes, budgets and technology infrastructure preference. The company said that Argo units will begin shipping before the end of the first quarter of 2015.

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