Prysm Next Generation LPD Videowall Technology -

Prysm Next Generation LPD Videowall Technology

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The What: Prysm has unveiled the latest version of its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. Available for order now, the next generation of Prysm’s LPD videowall technology takes the world’s best large format display solution to a higher level of visual impact.

The What Else: The features that distinguish Prysm’s LPD videowall technology include:

•Image Quality - delivers increased resolution and sharpness, uniformity and brightness. New enhanced mode offers 427x320 per tile pixel resolution.

•Versatile – maximizes usable room space with 178 degree viewing angles that ensure content can be seen from anywhere in a room.

•Scalable - allows for videowall sizes and configurations that can be tailored to any indoor environment.

•Sustainable - offers the highest levels of energy efficiency with no consumables or toxic compounds. Runs cool requiring no special HVAC or electrical upgrades.

Prysm LPD videowalls can scale to more than 100 feet in width while maintaining image uniformity over the entire display area. Multiple users can interact simultaneously with Prysm videowalls through touch, motion sensing and their mobile devices.

The Bottom Line: LPD technology enables videowalls with unsurpassed visual quality and versatility, and does so with the highest energy efficiency of any large format display technology. Since its initial release two years ago, LPD videowalls have been adopted by leading brands in technology, retail, financial services, and media as well as by major governments and universities.


Prysm Partners with Sony Business Solutions Corporation

Prysm has entered into an agreement with Sony Business Solutions Corporation to distribute Prysm’s proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology in Japan. Prysm LPD videowalls are expected to be a strong addition to Sony’s corporate AV products it is already distributing to this region.

Prysm Sees Growth, Success in 2012

Prysm reports that 2012 has been its most successful year to date. Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology has reshaped the digital experience by delivering beautiful, eco-friendly, seamless videowalls with image clarity, extreme viewing angles, high resolution and picture uniformity, all with low power consumption.

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Prysm for IAC High-Resolution Video Wall

The Frank Gehry-designed IAC HQ is home to many of IAC’s Internet and media companies, and now features a super high-resolution video wall using Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), a display technology using low-power, solid–state lasers.

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Vertex Pharmaceutical New Videowall

Visitors to Vertex Pharmaceuticals' new corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts get an immediate sense of the biotechnology company when they spot the impressive 2x8 videowall, comprised of 55-inch Primeview Ultra Narrow Bezel monitors, in the ninth floor Welcome Center. The videowall's content is supported by a Spyder X20 0808 image processor from Vista Systems.

Prysm Launches Groundbreaking Laser Phosphor Display Technology

Prysm announced the public launch of its groundbreaking technology, Laser Phosphor Display (LPD). LPD is a new category of large format displays, with the lowest power consumption and environmental impact along with freeform flexibility, long-lasting performance and brilliant picture quality. LPD images are created b