InfoComm: Sonic Foundry Mediasite 7 Handles Multiple Full Motion Video -

InfoComm: Sonic Foundry Mediasite 7 Handles Multiple Full Motion Video

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The latest update of Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite enterprise video creation and management system, Mediasite 7, enhances flexible video publishing with Mediasite Showcase, an interactive video portal for curating and sharing live and on-demand content; online video sharing; and new capture tools, including videoconferencing recording and mobile device uploading.

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“What we’ve been able to add to the product with version 7 of our core Mediasite system is a focus or an emphasis on elegantly and consistently handling multiple, full motion video sources,” said Sean Brown, SVP of sales for Sonic Foundry.

Previously, full motion video next to content at high resolution was not available inside a web page. “One of our strengths has always been the fact that the way that media is distributed is very much in line with the way secure internet content is distributed—versus just being files that you’re playing back or a flash file here or whatever. It’s contained inside a web page that we call a player,” Brown explained. “In order to move into a world where we wanted people to be able to elegantly handle more than one full motion video, first we had to update the player.”

The Sonic Foundry team worked diligently on the ergonomics, including the look and feel of the UI. Brown made an analogy to how some UIs try to do so much that they start to look like a 747 cockpit. “That would totally go against our particular brand,” he said. “If it looks a little simplistic and tucked in, that’s how we roll, and that’s what we tried to do here.”

Sonic Foundry also made several hardware updates to support Mediasite 7, including the ability to record three video feeds, two being HD signals and one SD.

Creating a web page directly from a presentation is one of the major capabilities of Mediasite 7. The UBTech 2014 conference that took place earlier this week is one such example employing this website creation tool.

Later this summer Sonic Foundry is releasing the RL100 series device as a scaled down, simplified hardware solution hitting a lower price point.


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