Technology to Spare

Technology to Spare

AV Upgrade Helps Main Event Entertainment Elevate the Bowling Experience.

Main Event Entertainment is a family
entertainment center based in Texas.
Main Event Entertainment, a family entertainment center based in Plano, Texas, wanted to visually enhance and transform their customers’ overall bowling experience. To do so, the Center sought out SAVE Electronics—a solutions provider of presentation, entertainment and communications systems components and support for business and home systems— to help find a less expensive and low maintenance projector for wall-to-wall entertainment. With the help of SAVE Electronics located in Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, Main Event installed 40 of Casio’s Signature XJ-M250 projectors across three different locations.

Hybrid Design

SAVE Electronics suggested Casio’s Signature XJ-M250 projectors because they are lamp-free and run on Casio’s LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source. This means users do not have to replace lamps every two to three months, which typically costs almost as much as the original projector cost over one year. With the projectors having an estimated lifespan of 20,000 hours, Main Event can now provide on-going visual footage, since the projectors typically run 14-16 hours a day.

“I have been in this business for more than 30 years and found Casio’s Signature XJ-M250 projector to be incomparable,” said Tim Boyd, president of SAVE Electronics. “The fact that it can withstand such a high amount of daily use is a major benefit. Additionally, the XJ-M250 is one of the brightest lamp free laser and LED projectors on the market, and the zoom feature works great, while still allowing the brightness of the image to stay intact.”

Continual Operation

With Casio’s XJ-M250, Main Event can shut down the projectors every day without worrying about additional set-up time. When the power is turned back on, the projectors retain memory of the zoom settings and cut down on calibration time. Even if the Center were to lose power during a thunderstorm, the system will not lose the data needed to keep the visual effects running when power is restored. Since the projectors use the laser and LED design, it takes eight seconds from powering on to reach full brightness. And the “instant off” capability means no cool-down time.

The projectors are set up at the end of all bowling lanes, right above the pins, from floor to ceiling. The units can project advertisements, live video of sporting events, music videos and more. Controlled by Crestron, the projectors have an additional switcher that allows managers to choose from six different DirectTV networks.

Main Event set up 11 projectors in their first location, which became the first full digital building in the United States. After testing Casio’s projectors in this location, Main Event Bowling Center decided to implement the projectors in two other locations as well. They went on to set up 12 projectors in a second location and 17 in a third. Currently, Main Event Bowling Center is building a new location in Katy, Texas, which will include 14 Casio projectors.


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Key Elements ///for the End-User

Total Cost of Ownership:

“The total cost of ownership and ability to withstand daily use were the two major components in choosing a projector,” said Pete Del Monte, director of technical services of Main Event Entertainment. “Casio’s Signature XJ-M250 meets our needs beyond our expectations and has made a significant technological difference in our bowling alleys by cutting down costs and maintenance, and brightening the atmosphere. This projector has transformed Main Event Bowling Centers into an amazing digital experience for consumers.”

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