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New Products August 2007

New Products August 2007
  • Extron Electronics' HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V half rack width power amplifiers feature an efficient Class D design with patented CDRS, Class D ripple suppression technology from Extron that nearly eliminates EMI emissions and interference with wireless AV equipment. The HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V also deliver performance with more than 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio, unweighted and THD + noise of less than 0.05-percent. With a compact enclosure, these amplifiers are for installation in racks and lecterns with very limited ventilation, and are convection cooled without the need for fans.

Analog Way's Axion video controller is an easy to use, powerful controller for high-end, multi-room large events with large screens, using soft edge blending technology. User will be able to preview his multi-screen configuration on the 16/9 TFT monitor screen of the Axion. The Axion can control several iX hi res seamless switchers, the Di Ventix, the Eventix, the Natix or the Centrix, either as stand alone boxes or any kind of combination, including Soft Edge Blending.

Renkus-Heinz Sygma Line

The Sygma Line from Renkus-Heinz integrates the capabilities of loudspeakers, amplifiers, processors, and digital audio networks. The series of installation-specific cabinets offers a choice of self-powered or externally powered models. Self-powered SG models can connect to RHAON, the new Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network, via each cabinet's built-in PF Series intelligent digital amplifier. The SGX Sygma models are designed for use with external amplifiers.

A-Designs Audio 500HR

A-Designs Audio's 500HR is a single-rack-space, dual-slot power supply that accommodates two processing modules conforming to the API 500 Series format, including A-Designs Audio's own popular P-1 and EM-Series microphone preamps and new EM-PEQ equalizer. Sporting a cream-colored faceplate, the 500HR is housed in an all-metal chassis. Both a rocker-style on/off switch and 48V phantom power LED can be found on the right side of the front panel, while the rear panel features two sets of XLR ins and outs in addition to a standard IEC power connector for the unit's power supply.

Visix Mini Channel Player

Visix's new Mini Channel Player is designed for confined areas, and the player easily mounts to the back of an LCD or plasma display. Measuring 6.5 x 2 inches and weighing three pounds, the compact player supports most of the same features as the larger players in a quiet, compact package. The Channel Player features a Windows XP Operating System tuned for use with AxisTV, allowing users of Visix software to take advantage of the full range of security and administrative features.

Crestron RoomView Software

Crestron's RoomView Server Edition is a multi-user resource management program built on Microsoft .NET technology, offering global room scheduling, monitoring, controlling, and reporting of AV resources and environmental systems. RoomView provides a point-and-click interface and a view of the entire control system network. Delivering both real-time PC and web-based clients, RoomView Server Edition allows facility managers, media directors, and IT specialists real-time control and cross-platform accessibility. RoomView Server Edition integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server and the full line of Crestron devices.

Audio-Technica Bundles Cakewalk Sonar LE

Audio-Technica has bundled Cakewalk's SONAR LE recording software as part of its AT2041SP Studio Pack. The AT2041SP Studio Pack also includes two 20 Series microphones: the AT2020 side address condenser and AT2021 small-diaphragm cardioid condenser. The AT2020 is aimed at capturing vocals as well as a wide range of instrumental applications, while the AT2021 small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone excels at instrument recording.


The Gefen HDMI CAT-5 MS Extreme offers HDMI signal extension, providing a 100-foot distance increase over the HDMI CAT-5 Extreme. The unit delivers high definition resolutions (1080i to 300 feet; 1080p to 150 feet) and digital audio to the extended display or projector in HDMI format. The real-time, long distance delivery of video and audio signals over economical category-5 cabling makes it ideally suited for digital upgrades and installations using in conduit cabling. Gefen's HDMI CAT-5 MS Extreme offers plug and play HDMI extension with no signal losses or delays.

AVerMedia SA6000e Pro DVR

AVerMedia Technologies AVerDiGi SA6000e Pro is the latest version of the SA6000 Series, and is a 16-channel standalone DVR with an embedded Windows operating system, combining the functions of a surveillance recorder with a multiplexer. Featuring advanced MPEG 4/H.264 compression, 16 video inputs, one SATA removable hard drive capacity, and able to accommodate up to six USB external storage devices, the SA6000e Pro is designed to be functional yet convenient offering easy video recording, playback, backup, search, and editing features.

Dynacord Variline VL262

The Dynacord Variline's VL262 full range cabinet features dual neodymium 6.5-inch woofers and a one-inch compression driver mounted to a CAD-optimized 90 x 40 rotateable horn. The VL262's compact footprint, maximum output (125 dB) and 300W continuous power handling make it suitable for high SPL applications where space is limited. Coupled with Dynacord Power-H remote control DSP amplifiers, FIR presets optimize performance, resulting in linear-phase and equal magnitude response over the operating bandwidth of 90Hz-20kHz.

AKG Wireless C5 And D5 Vocal Microphones

AKG's new C5 and D5 wireless microphones offer two interchangeable microphone heads for the HT 4000 handheld unit, as part of the WMS 4000 wireless system: the C5 WL1 condenser vocal microphone and D5 WL1 dynamic vocal microphone. Each features a dent-resistant spring steel elastic wire mesh cap, as well as an integrated shock absorber system. Additionally, the D5 features Laminate Varimotion diaphragm technology to deliver a smooth and controlled frequency response and the highest gain before feedback.

Gilderfluke Sd-50

The Gilderfluke Sd-50 combines a mp3/wav audio player, 400 to 500 Watt-equivalent digital amplifier, DMX-512 in and out (for lighting control and expansion), up to 40 show control outputs, and real-time clock and scheduler. Sd-50s can be used to control fountains, lighting, animatronic shows, and more. Optional GPS receiver allows atomic accurate scheduling for clock towers, carillon, school, and factory bell systems. Standard Sd flash cards can be used to store days' worth of audio.

Chief CM2L40 Automated Pop-Up Lift

The Chief CM2L40 Automated Pop-Up Lift provides fast, quiet travel of your flat panel with customizable show and store positions. Designed to integrate with a piece of custom furniture, this mounting solution creatively conceals a flat panel TV. The telescoping design travels up to 40-inches and collapses to a stored height of only 31-inches. To conceal speakers with a flat panel, pair with the CM4S57 Automated Speaker Adapter.

Hitachi CP-X200 3LCD Projector

Hitachi America's CP-X200 3LCD projector features a brightness of 2,200 ANSI lumens and a 500:1 contrast ratio, at a weight of 7.7 pounds. The CP-X200 also features Hitachi's exclusive input source naming function, allowing users to customize the names of individual input sources. Other proprietary features include My Screen/My Memory preset options and a remote control with My Buttons. The CP-X200 is equipped with a security bar, Kensington security slot, and transition detector--a sensor located inside the projector that recognizes when the projector has been moved.

AMX Autopatch Distribution Amplifier Driver Line

AMX has expanded its AutoPatch signal distribution product family with the release of a new line of Distribution Amplifier Drivers (DADs). These provide a way to distribute a single video input, such as a DVD player, HD cable box, or computer video, to multiple outputs, such as a plasma display or projector, over great distances, while preserving signal quality. The DADs distribute high-resolution, analog video to any display, making them solutions for any organization wanting to send one video source to two, four, or six destinations.

Brother P-Touch Labeler

The Brother PT-2100 P-touch functions both as a stand-alone electronic labeling system for quick labeling or can be connected to a PC for more advanced graphics, bar code, and database label printing. It offers a new style, smaller footprint, and battery-powered portability. It can easily be used as a stand-alone labeler, or connected to a PC, enabling users to print logos, bar codes and graphics onto a label (via the included Brother PT Editor Software, or directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook files).

Kramer Electronics VM-92

Kramer Electronics' VM-92 is a nine-channel distribution amplifier with looping inputs and two outputs per channel. The VM-92 is a high performance multi-mode distribution amplifier that can be used for composite, s-video, component, and RGB video signals. It can be configured as a 9x1:2 composite, 4x1:2 S-Video, 3x1:2 component, 3x1:2 RGsB or 2x1:2 RGBS DA. The VM-92 is HDTV compatible and offers an ultra-wide bandwidth of 500MHz, which ensures transparent performance even in the most critical applications with no signal degradation. The VM-92 includes an input with a looping output and two dedicated outputs per channel on all on BNC connectors.

Aurora Multimedia 6x6 HDMI Matrix Switcher

Aurora Multimedia's HS-66M is a 6x6 HDMI matrix switcher, featuring full-matrix technology with 1080p capability and HDCP compliance. With the HS-66M HDMI Matrix Router, high definition audio and video signals from any of up to six sources can be sent to as many as six displays. While complying with HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection), a signal from a single source can be sent simultaneously to several displays. The switcher's actions can be transparent to the user if controlled by RS-232C or LAN (TCP/IP). Infrared and front panel controls are also available. The HS-66M uses HDMI version 1.3 and supports resolutions up to 1080p and WUXGA (1920x1200).

Neutrik XX Series' Accesories

Neutrik's XX series XLR cable connector now has several new accesories: SCDR, a D-size rear protection cover; BXX-CR, a XX bushing with clear ring; and HTXP, an assembly tool for Neutrik's XX and PX series. The SCDR is a soft plastic cover for the rear end of several D-size chassis connectors, such as Neutrik's PowerCon, Speakon, OpticalCon and XLR. It is used to protect the gap between connector and cable. The protection cover works with all common wires and cables by simply cutting off the cover end to the preferred diameter. The SCDR protects against electric shock when using PowerCon; creates airtight assembly and powered speakers with the XLR; and offers LC dust protection on the rear end of OpticalCon.

Panamax MAX In-Wall Series

Panamax has released three new products in its MAX In-Wall Series. Optimized for remotely located display devices, the In-Wall Powerkit-Pro, Power-Pro, and Dual Signal Bay offer solutions for noise filtration, protection, and connecting signal lines. The MAX In-Wall Powerkit-Pro provides a noise-free, code-compliant extension of Panamax filtration and protection to remotely located devices. A safer and more attractive alternative to running an unsightly extension cord from the component rack to the video output, the Powerkit-Pro accommodates optional signal line modules for a professional finish with additional EMI/RFI noise filtration built into the outlet receptacles.

Impact Acoustics 5-Port HDMI Selector Switch

Impact Acoustics' 5-Port HDMI Selector Switch provides additional HDMI inputs to an AV system, enabling a user to plug in up to five HDMI source devices simultaneously with fast switching between them. The 5-Port HDMI Selector Switch provides a convenient solution to problems that arise when a user has more HDMI source devices than HDMI inputs.

Bosch ISN-SM-50 And ISN-SM-80

Bosch Security Systems has launched two new safe and vault seismic detectors, the Bosch ISN-SM-50 and ISN-SM-80. With the patented SENSTEC sensor and micro-controller-based signal processing system, the detectors are ideal for complete 24-hour monitoring of safes, ATMs, night deposits, and strong room walls and doors. The detectors' digital signal processing and filters provide exceptional catch performance while virtually eliminating false alarms. These units can detect any form of attack, including explosives or attempted entry with tools, such as diamond-tipped drills, flame cutters, mechanical and hydraulic pressure tools, thermal lances, or water jets.

Planar Systems Clarity Displays

Planar Systems' RX and RP series of Clarity rear-projection displays come in 50-inch and 67-inch screen size options and incorporate Planar's set it and forget it (SiFi) technology. SiFi automates the continuous operation of Clarity displays at peak performance. In addition, the SiFi auto color balance feature enables each RX or RP display in a wall to simultaneously measure the brightness and color of actual light directed at the screen, reducing the time required to optimally balance a videowall of multiple rear projection displays.

QSC WideLine-8 Array System

Including the full-range WL3082 and WL212-sw subwoofer, the WideLine-8 Series from QSC offers the same wide, 140-degree horizontal coverage as larger WideLine models, excellent ergonomics, and a rigging system integrated into each enclosure that provides strength to accommodate arrays of up to 12 boxes with a 10:1 design factor. The WL3082 measures less than a perfunctory 20 inches wide and nine inches high and has an operable range from 68 Hz - 20 kHz. Relying on a triamplified configuration, the enclosure is outfitted with a pair of high-powered, eight-inch drivers with neodymium magnets. High frequencies within the WL3082 are managed by a three-inch voice coil-equipped neodymium compression driver coupled to QSC's patented 140-degree multiple aperture diffraction waveguide.

Aviom 6416dio Digital I/O Module

Aviom's 6416dio Digital I/O Module provides 16 channels of digital inputs and outputs to and from a Pro64 A-Net audio network in a single 2U package, using the AES3 format. The input and output sections of the 6416dio module can be independently configured to operate within a specified 16-channel A-Net Slot range for maximum versatility. Input and output port assignments for Manual Mode are also independently configurable. Each channel of a 6416dio can be made active on the Pro64 audio network as needed. The 6416dio supports all valid Pro64 sample rates

Martin LC Series LED Video Screens

The LC Series from Martin Professional is a semi-transparent, modular system of lightweight LED panels for displaying film, digital images, and graphics. The image from the LC panels appears seamless at about 30 meters, and the elliptical pixel design offers a very wide viewing angle of 100 degrees. The pixel pitch of 40mm and offers high-quality resolution while making semi-transparency possible. The LC series of LED video screens offers brightness of 1800 NITs, or 1800 candela per square meter.

TechSpa Announcer Telephone Paging System

TechSpa's Announcer Telephone Paging System can be expanded per the application's requirements and works on any commercial/industrial rack-mounted or desktop PC and interfaces with multiple phone lines via the proprietary modem and soundcard. A user calling into Announcer via an internal or external phone line, after entering a pre-assigned password, is guided through a series of prompts to record, schedule and send pages either to a specific zone, or zones, or facility-wide. A wide range of user-programmable operating features and permission sets allows the programmer to limit priority levels and paging functions.

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