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Omnivex Adds Critical Enterprise IT Functionality to Digital Signage

  • Omnivex Corporation continues to push the digital signage envelope with Moxie software. The latest released version, Moxie 6.03, now includes over 50 new features to help manage larger networks of screens and deliver highly contextualized content to all types of audiences.
  • Moxie 6.03 includes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory support. The software has an advanced workflow configuration well suited to enterprise class organizations where different people have different responsibilities. Moxie provides access control for multiple user groups with different views and rights via configurable profiles. While one user creates content and saves it to the server, another might only have access to create playlists and schedules, and another might have full rights to publish content to screens. Support for LDAP and Active Directory is a key requirement for enabling this division of labor.
  • The latest released version of Moxie also has a data converter that permits sophisticated business rules to allow content to automatically change based on live internal and external data. Moxie can detect changing data variables and respond by updating a screen layout, enlarging certain elements of the content, or playing animations and video. This allows users to set simple expressions, like "full screen video" to trigger a content reaction if a certain variable changes. The system also substitutes media files based on a data value. For example, in a movie theatre, if the rating of the movie is R certain advertisements would be shown that would not appear on the screens if the movie had a PG rating. Multiple rules can be combined for maximum flexibility and better content relevance for viewers.
  • While Omnivex has always given users the ability to include a web zone in their content, Moxie provides users with a much more flexible tool for incorporating web clips. The software can display all or a portion of a website and manipulates it like any other piece of media, such as laying it on top of a movie, stretching it to fit a certain size, rotating it to any angle and then having it fade to see a the video through the website.
  • Moxie now also includes remote player viewing, allowing the operator to centrally manage remote players. A user can select a Player to view he content, properties of that content and PC parameters of that Player in real time. A network management screen can also be set up to provide a graphical indication of the network's health.
  • The newest version of Moxie also allows user to add content from external sources and folders faster, by dragging and dropping into the Moxie Studio. This is much more intuitive for users and mimics the file management experience that they are accustomed to in Microsoft Windows™.