Market Research Report on Key Business Metrics for Rental Segment

  • The Stimson Group of Dallas, TX has released the 2012 Rental & Staging Business Metric Survey. The 44 page report reviews Profit and Loss statistics and key metrics from the Live Events and Rental Production segments for fiscal year 2012 with highlights on direct costs, overhead expenses, net profit, EBITDA, and capital budgets. Participants are from all across the Rental-Production and Live Events Industry in North America.
  • The Stimson Group convinced 33 well-known companies to share financial data in a way that allows other businesses to benchmark their results against industry averages. Some of the key takeaways of the Business Metric Survey report include:
  • The Rental & Staging segment appears to be healthier than it has in years. Revenue per FTE has grown from $200,000 per FTE in 2011 to $211,000 in 2012 and EBITDA grew 35%. What these two facts suggest is that companies are operating with much higher efficiency.
  • Average CAPEX spending is down slightly in 2012, but new equipment purchases are still ahead of 2012’s depreciation. In other words, management is dipping into profits in order to buy new equipment. This suggests that companies are expecting growth, but perhaps taking advantage of temporary tax incentives in the form of accelerated depreciation. Again, aggressive capitalization is a sign of overall better health in the segment.
  • Over the past six years (Pre-Recession 2006 through 2012), our respondents have grown an average of 7.0% and project an average growth in 2013 of 7.9%.
  • Tom Stimson, President of The Stimson Group, said, “This is information I could have used when I was managing companies. The question that should be on every executive or owner’s mind is ‘How are we doing compared to how we should be doing?’ Now any manager that is focused on results can have access to timely data.”
  • The report is now available for purchase online from The Stimson Group’s website.

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