King Crimson Tours With Midas XL8

King Crimson Tours With Midas XL8
  • Prog-rock innovator Robert Fripp and his band King Crimson recently completed a short string of select American dates — their first since 2003. A Midas XL8 console at FOH, manned by Ian Bond, reinforced the band’s reputation for impeccable live audio quality. In addition, a Klark Teknik DN9696 hard disk recorder was used to record the shows.
  • Bond, a longtime Midas user,

L-R: Gavin Harrison and Tony Levin (King Crimson), Ian Bond (FOH), and Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) with the Midas XL8 explains how the XL8/DN9696 combination provided a unique solution for this much anticipated 10-date tour: “The XL8/DN9696 package was ideal for three good reasons: the tour used house/hired-in systems, the band required a lot of detailed monitor mixes, and the shows were being recorded. Since I handled all three as the sole engineer on the tour, I needed the best-sounding, most versatile system available for mixing and recording.

“Though the XL8 is a formidable piece of technology with immense capabilities,” Ian adds, “using it is as straightforward as with a Heritage — you can walk up to it and be ready for a show in five minutes.

SUNRISE, FL— Coemar’s heroic Infinity Wash XL and ParLite Led lights took the stage, and sets, at the 2008 MTV Music Awards show, live from the monumental Paramount Studios.

In-demand MTV veteran Tom Kenny was lighting designer of the entire ceremony, as well as original sequences filmed on Paramount’s back lot. He wished to further extend preset themes of classic movie theaters and film sets, and “designed with old movie lamps in mind. My plan of action,” he explains, “was to let 110 Infinity Wash XLs and 200 ParLite LEDs do the brunt of the work. Lighting the ornate, complexly configured stage and depth-y sets was a great challenge, but we worked our way through to an extremely successful outcome.”

Kenny is delighted with the Infinity Wash XLs’ performance as they fit with his particular vision for the show.