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SpeakerCraft Launches Highly Aggressive Dealer Protection Plan

  • RIVERSIDE, CA--SpeakerCraft unveiled one of the industry's most comprehensive plans to protect its authorized dealers from predatory sales and marketing activities. This SpeakerCraft program employs the latest legal and technical advances to identify and remove unauthorized parties offering SpeakerCraft TM products for sale on the internet.
  • "SpeakerCraft has invested millions of dollars to create a brand that its dealers are proud to sell”, said Jeremy Burkhardt, SpeakerCraft’s president. “We have no intention of letting unauthorized sellers take business from dealers that have helped to build our brand."
  • This onslaught of unauthorized online sales and marketing has spawned some highly sophisticated counter-measures employed in SpeakerCraft's program. These include the use of internet-savvy law firms, each with their own highly specific expertise in trademark law and brand protection; and other highly effective methods that the company wishes to keep completely confidential.
  • "We’ll consider taking any and all measures legally available to us to protect the integrity of the SpeakerCraft TM brand", Burkhardt added. "The damage done to so many companies because of improper use of their intellectual properties is astounding. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse for many brands due to them not knowing how to protect their brand. This program is our response to this problem and a real warning to those who are thinking of violating our intellectual property rights."
  • In addition to the damage done to the industry itself, unauthorized dealers are taking a toll on consumer confidence as well. According to Burkhardt, "A consumer who purchases through unauthorized sources might receive damaged, defective, used or even stolen product. In addition, these sellers often misrepresent that the product carries a factory warranty, which would only be true if it was bought from one of SpeakerCraft's authorized dealers. To avoid these problems, we invite all consumers to visit for the name of their nearest authorized dealer who can help them with accurate information, purchase assistance and a professional installation.”