Digital Signage Virtual Event Still Open -

Digital Signage Virtual Event Still Open

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Our Nov. 18 Digital Signage 2010 Virtual trade show was a pretty big success. If you missed it, there’s still good news. You can still visit most of the presentations of the Virtual Expo. The full conference program is available on demand; and you can still visit booths to download resources.

Register here to check it out:

Whether you missed Digital Signage 2010 on November 18 or just want to revisit, you can now access all the vital information from the conference program and the exhibit floor by registering and logging into the on-demand version of the event.

Here's some of what you'll find on-demand at:


- Welcome and introduction to the event from Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International

- Keynote Roundtable: A round-robin look at the Digital Signage industry from the industry icons and professionals who are shaping this industry from the ground up. Hear their insights and their forecasts for the future. Included are Alan Brawn, Laura Davis Taylor, Robert Garity, Paul Price, Jonathan Brawn, and more.

- Advancing Digital Signage based on ROI: The business decisions on when and how to proceed with Digital Signage consider benefits against capital and operating costs. But they also consider "return on time," business and sourcing options, deployment pace, scalability, network "tuning" and other factors all within the context of risk mitigation. Lyle Bunn, Principal & Strategy Architect, BUNN Co

- Using Digital to Drive Emotional Connections: Emotions are the most powerful currency in business — you need to inspire emotions with people today to drive results. We'll look at Global Digital Trends. What's out there, and he opportunity for digital in Retail stores. What works, and what doesn't — and more importantly, how to talk the same language as brands and agencies, to get a piece of the huge retail market. Laura Davis Taylor, Creative Realities, Inc.

- Screen Optimization for Your Digital Signage Project: No display performs as it should out of the box and unlike less critical applications, mere adjustment will not suffice in digital signage. Displays must be optimized through proper calibration to the environment, signals and sources. The marketing department in charge of the brand will insist that the company's logo look as it was designed and that people appear as themselves and not caricatures. Each screen delivers the message and the message must be and look right. Proper display optimization and calibration using professional instrumentation is the answer. Jonathan Brawn, Consultant for SpectraCal

- Monetizing DOOH Networks — the Business Models for Converting Ad Inventory to Money: A close look at the different revenue models in use, with actual modeling exercises to demonstrate revenue potential for different types of DOOH networks. Graeme Spicer, General Manager of Digital Media, NEC Display Solutions

- Deciphering Display Sales: A Look at Digital Signage in the Evolution of the New Display Market: Chris Connery tells us what the data tells us about the future of the market: the areas of growth, and profitability. With a special look at the relationship between the Digital Signage, AV, Home Theater, and Smartphone Market. Chris Connery, Display Search

- Beyond the Flat Panel: the Changing Nature of Displays in the AV and Digital Signage Worlds: The world of flat panel displays is anything but stagnant. We are at the very beginning of new illuminations sources with LED illumination for LCD taking the early lead. 3D without glasses; OLED displays; and other breakthroughs are here now or coming soon. Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting

- The Right Tool for the Job — Commercial vs. Consumer Panels: Join us for an in-depth look at the battle of commercial AV and digital signage integrators to justify the use of commercial grade equipment. Why do we need to use commercial grade product? What are the differences between commercial and consumer grade flat panels? Jonathan Brawn, Brawn Consulting

- 25 Gotcha's of Digital Signage Projects
Digital signage is one of the fastest growing vertical markets in the AV industry. This session reveals the challenges of implementing digital signage: the "gotcha's." Learn how to avoid the traps and grow your business. Discover how to identify money-making digital signage opportunities and when you should simply say "no." Presented by Mike White, president and CEO of Multi-Media Solutions, Inc., Knoxville, TN.

- Audio for Signage: Think digital signage is just visual? Adding audio to your sign will increase exposure and add to the message. This short course will cover aspects of volume, content, and coverage patterns.

- Hiring DES DS Consultant: Considering a signage network and don't know where to begin? Learn what a digital signage consultant can do for you. Explore the elements of digital signage and how a consultant can take you through a logical and thoughtful decision process.

- Text Size Matters: Reading the text on a sign is very important. Using quick math formulas you can ensure that your signage is easily read. In just a few minutes you will have the industry's AV best practices and math formulas explained in detail.

- Digital Signage Management: Sign size and placement are important but what goes on behind the sign? This segment will look at the management functions and the people that are needed to drive a successful signage solution. All signage systems share basic processes, understanding them will assist you in software and personnel decisions.

See products and download information from the following companies:
Black Box • Christie • InfoComm • NEC • Sharp • SpectraCal • Stampede

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