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OCC Introduces Ultra High-Density Fiber Optic Cables

OCC Introduces Ultra High-Density Fiber Optic Cables
  • Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) has introduced a new family of ultra high-density fiber optic cables.

The new HC-Series cables feature unique tight-buffered 12-fiber units, combining the ruggedness of OCC’s tight-buffer technology with high-fiber density. With the HC-Series, OCC now offers cables that have an outer diameter much smaller than conventional cables using loose tube construction, according to the company.

OCC’s HC-Series high-density cables offer up to a twenty percent reduction in diameter and weight relative to conventional loose-tube cables, allowing for greater fiber density and cable packing within ducts. Suitable for direct pulling with wire mesh grips, the HC-series cables can help reduce costs by eliminating the need to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable at building entrance.

“No other cable matches the mechanical and environmental performance of our HC-series cables while maintaining such a small diameter and high-duct efficiency,” said Ted Leonard, vice president of technology and engineering for OCC. “These HC-Series cables are the ideal solution for campus networks and indoor-outdoor installations.”

The HC-Series cable couples the density of a ribbon style fiber optic cable with the ruggedness typically associated with OCC’s fiber optic cables. “This new series of cable draws on our heritage as a leader in tight-buffer fiber optic cables, and is another example of OCC’s commitment to providing stellar end-to-end solutions,” said Leonard.

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