Future Tech Pavilion Goes Live

New at the Future Technology Pavilion this year are the actors on hand to lead small tours and demonstrate the home health features of the intuitive residence of 2016.

  • The bedroom is designed to assist a person in the later stages of life with various built-in sensors that require very little to make the room operate. The room is also filled with necessary health equipment to track long-term vitals. The sensors can monitor if an occupant is “wandering” at night, forgets to take medication, or check their weight. An alert system issues reminders.
  • The gym of the Future Technology Pavilion is an intuitive experience room that identifies when a person has entered the room and creates a customized environment conducive to working out.
  • In the kitchen and dining area, Savant’s Apple-based integration and control will show the homeowner, in real time, the energy consumption of the various sub-systems in the kitchen and throughout the pavilion—all from an iPad that can simultaneously answer incoming calls, control lighting, and distribute audio and other systems in the home. Savant is also previewing an experimental voice activation technology.
  • In addition, Mosaiqq and 3M are showcasing an embedded touchscreen video backsplash wall. Users can pull up recipes, news, and videos to watch while they cook. The dining room is equipped with mood settings, featuring altered lighting and voice-controlled sounds.
  • Elsewhere in the house, Audio Design Associates, Auralex Acoustics, Digital Projection, Purdue University, Stewart Filmscreen, and Triad bring a fully immersive video room to life. This area also features an entertainment room that can identify the occupant, react to their likes and dislikes, and display the appropriate content for that user.
  • Additional Future Technology Pavilion sponsors include Access Networks, Grandcare Systems, Honeywell, Lutron, Nest, Monster, Sharp, and Symbol Logic.
Lindsey M. Adler

Lindsey M. Adler is an audiovisual storyteller based in New York.