How the Boston Symphony Orchestra Went Mobile -

How the Boston Symphony Orchestra Went Mobile

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The Boston Symphony Orchestra's mobile pilot program will use Haivision, an enterprise video technology company, to power video streaming this summer.

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The Boston Symphony Orchestra will make content available to 400 participating audience members at two summer concerts, including an upcoming one on August 23.

Named Tanglewood Lawncast after the orchestra's outdoor summer location, Tanglewood, the mobile pilot program offers participating audience members access to exclusive digital media content, including program notes, performer interviews, and live camera feeds of the concert, via their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The Boston Symphony Orchestra will make the content available to 400 participating audience members at two summer concerts, including an upcoming one on August 23.

Lawncast was designed and implemented by engineering, programming, and installation AV company North American Theatrix using Haivision video solutions. To make Lawncast possible, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is broadcasting the concert to mobile devices using Haivision's enterprise-grade Makito X encoders. Audiences can access the video streams on their iPads, iPhones, and Android devices using Haivision's InStream Mobile, a free high performance video player.

Unlike standard mobile streaming technology, the Haivision solution delivers HD video to mobile audiences in well under one second. Ideal for video distribution at schools, medical facilities, stadiums, and auditoriums, where audiences do not want to experience a delay in receiving live video content, Haivision's Makito X HD encoders support up to 1080p60 resolution with extremely low end-to-end latency. InStream Mobile brings high quality, low-latency HD video to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices and delivers the highest performance media experience to many simultaneous mobile viewers throughout a facility or campus without a dedicated streaming server.

Patrons participating in the Tanglewood Lawncast pilot program have access to multiple camera feeds, including one focusing on the conductor and another on an alternate view of the orchestra, that are part of the multi-camera shoot used to create the concert broadcast that is projected onto the large video screens located inside and on top of the concert hall. Patrons will also be able to access program notes and exclusive interviews related to the evening performance.

"With Lawncast, the Boston Symphony Orchestra's goal is to give audience members more ways to engage and see the orchestra up close," said Bernadette Horgan, director of PR. "Haivision video streaming solutions are helping us deliver this unique program so audiences can have an enhanced concert experience using their mobile devices."

Patrons interested in participating in the program can register here, with availability determined on a first-come, first-served basis.


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