Herman Integration Services Promoting Community Service

Herman Integration Services Promoting Community Service

Herman Integration Services provides experienced technical labor resources to professional AV systems integrators nationwide. Herman-IS employs more than 90 AV technicians nationally. “When I heard that Danny Sparks, an AV Technician with us since December, had written and produced his own album, I was impressed," said Chris Bianchet, president. "But when I heard he was donating the proceeds to the homeless, I was proud to know that one of our own was giving back to the community in such an inspiring way. His story is amazing, and we want to support him in his efforts.”

Like many in the AV industry, music is a passion for Danny Sparks. Two years ago, Sparks lost everything including his job as an AV technician, but in the process of rebuilding his life, he has found so much more.

While always spiritual, Danny relied heavily on his faith when he became homeless in 2013. As his faith grew stronger so did his voice. Even though he was interested in music at a young age, it wasn’t till he was homeless that Danny had something musically to say.

Transformed by his experiences on the streets, Danny started recording his music. In December, he rejoined the AV industry and became a part of the Herman-IS team. Things have been looking up ever since. In February, Danny was invited to try out for the Voice and in the process of moving to Florida from Charlotte, he got a call looking to promote his music on the radio.

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