Boardroom Control Products 2007

Boardroom Control Products 2007
  • The HSA 822MS is a surface matching motorized Hideaway Surface Access enclosure for tabletop access to AV connectors and controls. Using an installer-provided surface cover that matches the tabletop, the HSA 822MS installs at an adjustable height below the tabletop, making the HSA 822MS nearly invisible in the closed position. It has a double-sided enclosure that rises quietly to reveal power, data, and other popular AV interface connections. When closed, the lid of the HSA 822MS fits flush with the tabletop, storing connectors out of sight. The surface matching enclosure is for high profile executive boardrooms and conference rooms where AV functionality must blend inconspicuously within existing décor. The HSA 822MS is suited to environments in which automated systems are required. The HSA 822MS can be raised and lowered via contact closure or by pressing on the top surface. An automatic safety sensor prevents the HSA 822MS from closing on obstructions, eliminating any potential injury to users or damage to cable connectors. The HSA 822MS features the identical space and connectivity options of the standard HSA 822, and it is engineered within the same space-efficient footprint, even with the motorized mechanism.

Lutron's GRAFIK Eye QS

The next generation of Lutron Electronics' GRAFIK Eye, the GRAFIK Eye QS has been enhanced with more architectural options and the ability to directly control shades without additional interfaces. The GRAFIK Eye QS will allow for seamless control of lighting and shades. Ideal for boardrooms, users will be able to create lighting scenes, or control individual lights, using rounded, backlit buttons that resemble Lutron's existing seeTouch style keypads. The buttons are visible in the dark and can be custom engraved to fit the user's preferences. Other new features of the GRAFIK Eye QS include an optional column of buttons that control shades independently of the lights and a new, user-friendly information display that makes it easier to read energy savings, lighting levels, and time clock information. This new unit also provides power and communication for occupancy sensors, which enables automatic operation of lights and shades, resulting in energy savings. In addition to the technology upgrades, the new GRAFIK Eye QS is offered in 30 colors and finishes to better accommodate an array of environments.

Draper's Expanded Controls And Motor Options

Draper has added new controls and motor options for motorized projection screens. In addition to external network communication via RS232, dry contact, infrared remote control, and other input devices to control the screen, Draper now offers screens with much of this capability built into the motor. Draper also now offers quiet motors on several screen models. The new options were announced with the release of the company's 2007 price list.

AMX's NI-900 NetLinx Integrated Controller

The AMX NI-900 NetLinx integrated controller controls and automates the electronics in a single room, making it a solution for boardrooms. Its compact size allows for hidden installation behind a projection screen, under a table, inside a podium or desk, or tucked away in a 1U rack mount with up to two other AMX devices. The NI-900 is engineered with three IR/serial ports, one RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 control port, four digital I/O ports, and one external IR receiver and front panel programming port. It communicates via Ethernet or an AMX AxLink control network and can be used with any AMX Modero touchpanel or mio keypad or remote.

Calypso CB-1000 IR Button Panel

Calypso's new CB-1000 single-gang, wall-mount IR button panel is outfitted with eight tactile, programmable buttons. Used as a standalone controller, the CB-1000 can be wired directly to devices requiring control. Conversely, the CB-1000's IR output can be interfaced with Calypso's Pro I/O or ION controllers to multiply the number and types of components being controlled. Central among features the CB-1000 button panel offers are fast setup functions utilizing an onboard serial programming port and on-board IR learning. Once an IR code is learned, it can be assigned to a button. In turn, a complete, fully-programmed CB-1000 configuration can be automatically copied to additional units via the same serial port. As a safeguard against unauthorized use, pass-code security is offered. An internal clock provides scheduled control. A set of 24 individual pre-labeled "caps" are included with each CB-1000 that can be used to identify each button. Up to four IR codes can be programmed for each button, which makes an audible click when pressed.

Crestron's Tabletop TPMC-8T WiFi Touchpanel

Crestron has introduced its new Isys i/O TPMC-8T 8.4-inch tabletop touchpanel, featuring an embedded Windows XP operating system that provides secure onboard PC functionality including 802.11a/b/g wireless capabilities. TPMC-8T is the new fixed tabletop version of the TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel, providing a stationary mounting option with wired Ethernet connectivity. The fixed-tilt design features a 37-degree angle, which is for podium, table or counter surface installation in a variety of applications. The SMK-8T is an optional swivel mount accessory to permanently mount the TPMC-8T to a flat surface, while enabling a 330-degree rotation. Cables may be routed through the center of the swivel mechanism for a completely hidden solution. The TPMC-8T touchpanels operate on an embedded PC platform that enables Web access via Internet Explorer, streaming media using WindowsMedia Player 10, email, and PC application viewers for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat in a secure environment, all while providing intuitive control of AV distribution, lighting, climate control, and security.

Cloud Systems' atmospherics

Cloud Systems' atmospherics is an open architecture, software-based control system that provides transparent integration of complex audio visual environments. It transforms control through varied media sources and hardware devices including IP phones, touch pads, PDAs, standard browsers, or alternative web-based devices. The atmospherics solution allows users to easily route video and audio source devices such as PCs, video playback devices, media servers, and cameras to output devices such as displays, projectors, mixers and speakers. In addition to routing, atmospherics allows users to prepare presentations in advance, store them, and recall them. These presentations can seamlessly control the settings and attributes of a wide variety of complex devices with a single button.

FSR's PTB Series

FSR's PTB Series of table boxes is designed to provide solutions for almost any AV integration application. Available in two, three, and four gang sizes the PTB table boxes handle data, power, and AV connections in a pneumatically powered "pop up" design. The PTB's integral manual latching mechanism does not require AC or DC power to operate, simply push down on the cover of the box to raise or lower the unit in the table. FSR's pneumatic gas spring system allows for smooth lowering and raising of the box for a "high tech" look and feel. PTB's are available with either Black or Brass covers.

SP Controls' PixiePro NRC-1142

SP Controls' PixiePro NRC-1142 networked room controller functions as an independent, web-enabled controller for any display device. Through its Ethernet interface, the unit can be configured, controlled, and monitored via any internet browser or configured and controlled through SP Controls' PixiePro modular panel. The PixiePro NRC-1142 includes one bidirectional RS-232 port, one infrared control port, four low-voltage relays, and two general purpose sense ports. Adapters are included for common pinouts of 9-pin or 15-pin RS-232 ports on most display devices.

Da-lite's Integrated Screen Control

Da-Lite's Integrated Screen Control (ISC) solutions are designed to fit the needs of systems requiring advanced projection screen control. Whether control needs are basic functionality, up down, or more advanced, for example, multi-positioning, the ISC line can manage these needs based on its RS-232C serial control capabilities. ISC can be expanded to include Ethernet control, allowing operation from a standard web browser and the ability to pass serial communication through almost any existing LAN or WAN environment.

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