Pico Projector Market Set to Double in 2010

  • Menlo Park, CA--Pacific Media Associates (PMA) expects the worldwide market for pico projectors to hit about ¾ million in 2010, more than double the volume of 2009. As the market enters its high-growth phase, Pacific Media Associates is ramping up their third annual survey of the pico projector ecosystem.
  • PMA recently invited manufacturers around the world who make components (e.g., imager chips or illumination systems), optical engine modules, and complete pico projectors to quantify (1) which features, functions, and prices pico projectors should have, (2) which technologies are most likely to succeed, and (3) which groups of potential buyers to target as the future unfolds. The high-growth emerging category of pico projectors includes all battery-powered or battery-powerable models, whether companion (stand-alone) models or embedded in mobile devices or larger hosts.
  • “Last year’s survey provided a unique view into the emerging pico projector market”, said Dr. William Coggshall, president of Pacific Media Associates. “For example, in 2009 the survey respondents said that the mean size (volume) of a companion model would decline substantially by 2013, to 88cc, the size of the iPhone being sold in late 2009. They also expected the mean light efficiency to exceed 10 lumens per wattan important industry milestoneby 2013.”
  • “And 2010 has seen significant growth and change in this category of front projectors”, continued Coggshall. “Wide VGA (480p) DLP imager chips and color-sequential LCOS imager chips have led to big improvements in image resolution and quality. Brightness has risen considerably, reaching as high as 50 lumens in some models. Optical engine modules are being embedded in smartphones, digital still cameras, and camcorders from an increasing number of household-name brands. Developments such as these are leading to a year-over-year growth for the pico projector market that is on track to reach 122 percent.

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