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SCN February 2012 Online Index

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Moses Named AES Executive Director
Revit Files Available in InfoComm IQ Showroom
SKC Expands
School District Adopts XPAND 3D

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Whose Band Was It? Scott Walker is shown here at an outdoor festival playing in his band Chaser during his senior year of high school. He is playing The SAW (an acronym for his initials), which was a guitar he built earlier in the year and led him to study electrical engineering in college.
He is shown here playing the same guitar with his college band Sometimes Why. Walker is now president, CEO and founding principal at WaveGuide Consulting and has spearheaded InfoComm's Sustainable Technology Environments Program (STEP). 

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People | Newsmakers | Lutron Appoints Pessina President

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Snapshot | Clear as a Bell | Salvation Army Clearwater Church Installation Photos

Technology | Training Day | Todd McCandless SCN Blog on Bring Your Own Device

Viewpoint | InfoComm's Economic Snapshot Survey


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SCN February 2011 Online Index

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SCN March 2012 Online Index

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May 2012 SCN Online Index

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SCN April 2012 Online Index

News | Establishing and Maintaining Successful Business Partnerships | Full Story Whose Band Was This?   Chris Foreman, vice president and COO of Community Professional Loudspeakers, is pictured kneeling in the front row holding a sax, circa 1967. The Chancellors was inducted into the N