Brawn Ramps Up DSEG, Other Education Offerings -

Brawn Ramps Up DSEG, Other Education Offerings

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By David Keene

The formidable Brawn team– Alan and Jonathan Brawn, have been busy post-InfoComm, and they’ve just told me they’ve updated and expanded their digital signage course offerings… and this is on top of their more formal Digital Signage Experts Group certification program, a comprehensive one-day seminar allows participants to earn a DSCE, or Digital Signage Certified Expert designation based on industry best practices and will cover fundamentals, basic theory, project management, and advanced project management.

The Brawns’ education offerings now also include these more compact courses, for the digital signage market:

• Turning on Digital Signage:
This one hour seminar is an introduction to the industry standard Digital Signage Certified Experts (DSCE) programs for those who seek a basic understanding before immersing themselves in the industry. The digital signage market is defined and quantified from the perspective of industry experts. The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage are revealed providing a tool to check and see if all areas are really being considered in a project. Many say that "content is king" but in truth, the objective is king and this course explains why. Digital signage system components in both hardware and software are discussed as is commercial versus consumer hardware and what is appropriate to use both when and where. Applications are examined from various perspectives and the paradigm shift beyond conventional wisdom that limits our thinking is introduced. The course concludes with a short tutorial on selling value not price in digital signage

• Understanding Networks:
With the reality of AV and IT converging, AV integrators in the both the sales and technical areas need a fundamental understanding of how computer networking functions. This course provides a complete primer to the hardware, structure, and protocols of computer networking, from small LANs to large WANs. From the basic concept of linking two or more devices together for the purpose of sharing data and resources, all the way to the internet, the world’s largest public WAN, the course explores types of network topologies, networking hardware and software as well as networking applications.

The Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) is an impartial and agnostic organization working in coordination and cooperation with the manufacturers, distributors, content creators and resellers in the Digital Signage Industry. And they have announced the addition of three new programs to round out the full suite of Digital Signage Experts seminars. As with the DSCE, the new courses will be offered at live events around the country as well as live webinars and virtual online versions.

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