New Products: Fall 2011

New Products: Fall 2011

JBL HiQnet Performance Manager Software

The JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software provides a step-by-step workflow that directly corresponds to real-world system configuration, taking the workflow paradigm introduced in System Architect to a higher level of functionality for any live performance audio application. It is fully integrated with JBL’s Line Array Calculator II loudspeaker configuration and acoustic modeling software. The user begins by loading templates of the speaker arrays used in the system, and then runs Line Array Calculator II for each array as part of the initial sound design. For each array, Performance Manager automatically loads the passive VERTEC or powered VERTEC DrivePack DPDA line array configuration into the main application workspace.


Crestron’s CAPTURE-HD is a high-definition lecture capture device for college campuses and the corporate enterprise. CAPTURE-HD provides faculty and presenters with a one-button solution to schedule, record, publish online, and view lectures, presentations, medical procedures, seminars, and training sessions. Students and staff can now view presentations and lecture series in high-definition from wherever and whenever, including from mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or laptop, providing more options for accessing academic content.

Da-Lites Dual Vision Projection Screen Surface

The Dual Vision screen surface from Da-Lite has been reformulated with a viewing half angle of 65 degrees, replacing the previous 50 degree half angle fabric, which provides an improvement in the viewing cone and increasing the image uniformity. Dual Vision offers a light grey tint for enhanced contrast and a 0.9 gain, which makes this screen surface appropriate for wide aspect ratio, projection under controlled light conditions, and multiple projector applications. Dual Vision is a flexible projection fabric capable of both front and rear projection.

Extron MediaLink

Extron MediaLink for Windows is an AV control system application designed for computers running Windows. It allows the classroom computer to become an additional point of system control for rooms equipped with an MLC 104 IP Plus, MLC 226 IP, or System 5 IP. MediaLink for Windows supports real-time button tracking between the application and the controller. A button press on either the application or controller will immediately be reflected on the other. The application is small in size, and may be easily docked and hidden.

Middle Atlantic Hardwired Rackmount UPS

Middle Atlantic Products has added a hardwired rackmount UP S that provides a codecompliant, cost-effective solution for seamlessly distributing battery backup power both inside and outside the rack. This UP S minimizes the chance of inadvertent or malicious disconnection, making it appropriate for critical applications subject to high security, those utilizing point-of-service devices like cash registers, or any environment where uptime is critical. The hardwired UP S also provides a code compliant solution for extending UP S backed power outside the rack, and allows an installer to securely terminate remote hardwired branch circuits directly to the UP S without requiring a transition box.

projectiondesign F82 sx+

The F82 sx+ projector benefits included in the company’s 3-chip DLP series with added SXGA+ resolution. Advanced optical color processing (AC OP) combines fixed and motorized optical filters, enabling optical calibration with accuracy and no loss of bit depth. When combined with projectiondesigns RealColor color management system, AC OP ensures on-site color calibration. With brightness levels at up to 10,000 AN SI lumens, a range of high performance lenses, and unmatched warranty coverage of up to five years of 24/7 operation, the F82 sx+ is appropriate for mission critical installations and applications.

ACE Table Top Pocket

ACE designed the Table Top Pocket for installation into boardrooms, conference centers, e-lounges, or office tabletops to support electronic connectivity. Compatible with ACE’s modular Connectrix panels or standard one- and two-gang electrical plates, the ACE Table Top Pocket can be custom designed to include one AC receptacle and any number of Connectrix connectors. Panels arrive with connectors fully mounted and engraved as specified, allowing the panel installation to be a matter of connector termination. The Table Top Pocket is secured to the table using two reversible installation brackets under the table to maintain a finished appearance on the tabletop.

Crest Audio Nx Dante-8 NEXSYS

Crest Audio’s Nx Dante-8 NexSys control module works in tandem with the new Crest Audio CKd Series of intelligent power amplifiers to support Crest NexSys 5 and Peavey MediaMatrix NWare audio software programs. Providing advanced audio control and routing, the Nx Dante-8 module fits into the rear bay of CKd Series power amps and supports all NexSys functions, DSP functions, and Dante digital audio I/O via ethernet connection. Primary and secondary ports provide system redundancy for demanding applications, while eight Dante audio inputs and eight Dante audio outputs enable extensive audio routing capabilities.

Audio-Technica BPHS1-XF4

Audio-Technica’s BPHS1-XF4 communications headset is designed for use with intercom systems for broadcast, theaters, sports, and other live events. The BPHS1-XF4 offers features closed-back circumaural ear cups designed to provide comfort and ambient noise rejection with minimal ear fatigue. The BPHS1-XF4 also has a professional boom-mounted moving coil dynamic microphone that can be positioned for use on either side of the mouth. The BPHS1-XF4 microphone has a unidirectional polar pattern tailored for pickup of speech with maximum voice intelligibility over a wide frequency range. A high-performance neodymium magnet in the microphone ensures a high output level and detailed sound reproduction. The flexible gooseneck boom swivels for easy positioning on either the right or left side. The headset’s dual earphones offer an extended frequency response of 20 to 20,000 hertz. At the heart of each earpiece, a 40-millimeter neodymium driver offers power handling for high maximum sound pressure levels.

BSS London BLU-8v2

BSS Audio’s Soundweb London BLU-8v2 wall controller is an updated replacement for the original BLU-8 wall controller. The Soundweb London BLU-8v2 wall controller is available in white or black and offers ethernet connectivity, direct or PoE powering, multiple modes of operation, simple control and visual feedback, a sleep feature, and a lockout feature. The BLU-8v2 wall controller shares the same feature set and appearance as the original BLU-8 Wall Controller but benefits from a significant hardware upgrade. The BLU- 8v2 features two rotary encoders, one nine segment meter, and five push-buttons. The device can be configured to work in one of three modes of operation. RGB LEDs on the BLU-8v2 allow unique colors to be assigned to differed zones.

Crown ComTech DriveCore Series

Crown’s ComTech DriveCore Series Amplifier line, which consists of four models, offers up to eight channels at 150 watts per channel and are all one rack, fan-less, and energy efficient. DriveCore chip technology offers greater than 90 percent efficiency and a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 decibels. DriveCore also has patented feedback and protection circuits integrated into the silicon for fast and accurate response. The DriveCore chip, which was co-developed with Texas Instruments, combines the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage (along with additional audio-signal functions) circuits that are typically much larger in size and power requirements. The DriveCore design yields sonic benefits as well, thanks to tighter tolerances, better circuit matching, and inherently lower noise.


Video Mount Products’ ER-S1UV vented one-space rack shelf fits components up to 17.375-inches wide. It is one space rack high and has a tray depth of 14.9 inches. The load capacity is 50 pounds. The ER -S1uV includes 10 to 32 and 12 to 24 rack screws and has a black static resistant powder coat finish.

Genelec AWI25, AIC25, AWO312

Genelec’s AI W25 active in-wall loudspeaker, AIC 25 active in-ceiling loudspeaker and the AOW312 active on-wall loudspeaker are part of Genelec’s range of architectural solutions. The AI W25 and the AIC 25 supply the ultimate in design integration. Each features perfectly matched, separate RA M2 remote amplifier modules. An optional 4U high RA M rack adaptor can accommodate up to eight RA M2 or RA M3 amplifiers. The AIW25 and AIC 25 each come complete with a metal enclosure to maximize performance and ease of installation. New construction brackets are also available. In addition, the AI W25 employs Genelec’s proprietary directivity control waveguide, which ensures stereo imaging and frequency balance even in difficult acoustic environments.

Tascam iXZ

TASCAM’s iXZ mic/instrument input turns an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch into an instant recording studio. Plug in a microphone, guitar, or bass to interact with the latest guitar amp, sampling, recording, and DJ apps. The iXZ supplies phantom power for condenser microphones and input setting sets the gain. There is also a headphone output to monitor from an iOS device. iXZ can be used in various applications for anyone that enjoys creating music.

Community Distributed Design Series Surface Mount Models

Community Professional Loudspeakers has expanded the Distributed Design Series of ceiling-mount loudspeakers with several surfacemount models, representing a significant expansion to the product line with high-output, low-profile models that deliver the same musical sound quality and intelligibility, outperforming larger sized competitive loudspeakers. The 5-inch DS5 is a two-way compact system, suited for installations where space is a premium. For larger installations, the 8-inch DS8 provides higher sound pressure levels, higher sensitivity, and greater bass extension. The 8-inch DS8SUB subwoofer complements the DS5 and DS8 full-range models with extended low frequency performance for musical applications. The DS-Series is equipped with built-in autoformers that enable full output with 70-volt or 100-volt distribution lines. All models accommodate 8-ohm as well as 70-volt/100-volt applications with a front-accessible power tap switch located behind a rotatable logo.

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