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LCoS, Ferrari-A 'Brillian' Mix

Boulder, CO -- "Ferrari owners are very intense, very successful people, and so when I was looking for a monitor for my dealership I wanted the same." So said Art Zafiropoulo, partner in Ferrari's newest American dealership, in speaking of his new 65-inch Brillian LCoS projection monitor.

Zafiropoulo, who purchased one of the first HDTV monitors shipped from the Boulder, CO-based Brillian Corporation (Starin Distributing is Brillian's exclusive dealer for the professional AV market), is no stranger to high-performance machines. He owns more than 15 special Ferraris and Maseratis, four of which are on display at his new Ferrari Maserati of Silicon Valley, which opened in May.

Ferrari Maserati of Silicon Valley is one of only 36 Ferrari dealerships in the U.S. Zafiropoulo and partner Giacomo Mattioli have a business plan that they hope will make it the world's largest. One of the features of the new dealership is an upstairs room built for customers waiting for their cars to be serviced. "We want to make this room, and the whole dealership, a destination place where people come and spend time," Zafiropoulo said. To that end, he offers high-definition racing videos as well as satellite TV.

Mark Fowles, systems engineer at Palo Alto-based Phoenix Systems, did not originally plan to install the LCoS monitor. "My original thought was to use a 60-inch plasma," he said. "But Art asked for the Brillian, and it does have several advantages."

"Because it's a micro display," Fowles added, "it's not susceptible to image retention. Which means you can watch various types of source material, and you won't get the dark bands on the left and the right you'd get on a plasma from watching a 4:3 image."