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Midas PRO6 takes FOH for Beverley Knight

  • LONDON, ENGLAND--FOH engineer Trevor Gilligan has just completed a UK tour with Beverley Knight using a Midas PRO6 live audio system.
  • This was Gilligan’s first time out with a PRO6. “I put together a 37 channel mix using one stereo sub group for Beverley and another for the backing vocals,” he says. “This was so I could insert a frequency compressor on each sub group, and they worked beautifully. As I mixed our first show I started to notice how solid and smooth the mix was getting, very easy to control.”
  • Gilligan was impressed with the PRO6’s accurate metering, often an issue with digital consoles. “Having grown up with analogue desks of all kinds, you get used to how the metering works, what can peak and what shouldn’t peak etc, and the PRO6’s metering is spot on,” he says.
  • “The effects are also some of the best sounding I have ever used, clean but rich enough to be heard at high levels. I sent my mix to a matrix L/R out and used the PRO6’s six band parametric EQ to shape the whole mix as the show went on, and again the EQ is perfect. I was equally impressed with the EQ on the input channels, as well as the gates and compressors; they are easy to use, and the scrolling channel feature is a very nice idea.”
  • “Overall, it just sounded right, was great to use, didn’t require any outboard racks at all, and it’s now on my FOH rider!”