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Sony Debuts IPELA For Contracting Market

Video Phone Calls Over IP Are Future-Ready
New York, NY - A joint initiative between Sony Electronics and GlowPoint has resulted in an IP-based line of video communications products ranging from IP monitoring and recording devices to IP-ready videoconferencing systems.

"IPELA is focused at the systems integrator space for inclusion in custom room design as well as standard videoconferencing in a regular conference room," said Eric Murphy, vice president, integrated visual communications for Sony. "It will try to be consistent with how systems work in that space. The TL-50 is an executive desktop system and the G-70 is a rack-mountable codec with multiple video outputs."

The TL-50 is a multi-purpose device. It has a 20-inch LCD display for a laptop to be docked to it. It is a standalone videoconferencing system with a codec built into the plastic and the camera built into the monitor. Sony is seeing that move in the integrator space.

In terms of connectivity with other systems, IPELA is designed to be complementary to equipment installed in rooms controlled by AMX or Crestron. "As far as being able to integrate with multiple video-in and video-out sources, as well as external audio systems, it can be the device for managing video input sources. It does play nicely in that type of environment," Murphy said.

According to John Scarcella president of Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Business Solutions Company, the IPELA name is an example of Sony's positioning of its products at the forefront of the growing IP communications market. This has most recently been demonstrated by increased adherence to industry standards and collaboration with other industry leaders-one being Glowpoint Inc.-to expand videoconferencing applications to virtually any location, and another illustrated by the integration of select conferencing systems with Cisco's CallManager 4.0 solution to provide simplified videoconference connections through the use of Cisco voice over IP telephony. Derived from the combination of IP and bella, Italian for "beautiful," IPELA is designed to signify the arrival of business communications equipment that blends Sony's high-resolution imaging and audio technology with the universal reach of IP networks.