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Projector Lamp Services Recognizes Earth Day with RelampIt!

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and every day, Projector Lamp Services (PLS) strives to make end-users, installers, distributors and integrators aware of the services available to them for handling end-of-life projector lamps. Whether it is simply recycling or using the PLS RelampIt! service, PLS offers a program to fit the needs of the AV industry. The company plans to support all those who make the decision to relamp and recycle projector lamps.

The projector lamp is a user-replaceable part found in projectors and rear-projection televisions. So when the user takes out the spent lamp to replace it, what is it considered? Is it e-waste? Should it be treated as such; the lamp being a component of a consumer electronic, but not necessarily an electronic component?

The truth is that lamps are not e-waaste; when removed from the projector, they cannot be brought to an e-waste collection center. But they do have to be recycled. Few companies specialize in recycling projector lamps, and PLS is one of the even fewer companies which recycle them free of charge.

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