Crestron Ships Tuner Card With Access to Online Radio Stations & Podcasts -

Crestron Ships Tuner Card With Access to Online Radio Stations & Podcasts

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Crestron is now shipping its Interwave Internet Radio Tuner Card. Flexible Interwave technology delivers quick access to thousands of online radio stations and podcasts, all via broadband. Browse by format, location, or language; search alphanumerically or by keyword, and save and sort favorites on your touch panel, mobile device or computer. Crestron even provides its own Interwave Radio website where users can organize and launch music, news, sports and talk programs.

“Internet radio is global, so the number of stations and types of programs is huge. Also, many websites post shows after they’ve aired, so you never have to miss your favorites, even when they’re in a different time zone,” said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. “With Interwave Radio, you can listen to your favorite local stations when you’re away from home or programs from different countries and cultures sitting in your living room.”

Interwave occupies a single tuner slot, and has both analog and digital outputs. The technology supports WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, and RealAudio formats, as well as metadata, graphics and transport controls for stations and podcasts. Optional SIRIUS|XM online radio service is available.

The Interwave tuner card may also be used to play sound files stored in its internal memory or on an external Web server, including chimes and ringer sounds, pre-recorded announcements and background music.


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