Rental Staging Roadshow LA Next Week -

Rental Staging Roadshow LA Next Week

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The Rental & Staging Roadshow heads to IATSE Local 80 (2520 W. Olive Avenue) in Burbank, CA on Wednesday, December 3. You can't afford to miss these informative sessions. Here's a sample of what you'll learn:

- Tom Stimson, CTS presents "The R&S Business Survival Kit"

A look at some of the best practices and biggest mistakes of AV Rental & Stagers. Tom will share some of the insights he has picked up visiting and working with staging companies across North America. Topics range from Sales compensation to equipment utilization approaches and will highlight the good and the bad of both common sense and outside the box solutions.

- JUST ADDED! Andre LeJeune, CTS presents "Front Work"

Time spent in pre-show planning can give you time back on showsite. The more information you have regarding the client’s requirements, the infrastructure of the venue, and how both relate to your technical operations, the less time will be spent on showsite dealing with unknowns. Effective planning can also reveal potential challenges as well as upsell opportunities.

- Joel Rollins, CTS-R presents "The Staging Technician as Project Manager"

The demise of Project Management meetings means that the staging technicians are now, essentially, the project managers. Project management meetings are history. Project management now is: "didn't you get my email about that?" and "oh, yeah, here's the latest file, I go on in 5 minutes, can you update that section?" So IMAG and other staging tech crew are now doing project management on the fly–yes, even after the show starts (because they know you can). How do you keep your sanity in the face of this brave new world where the show is not nailed down until, well, until it's over?

Sign up today at and bring your co-workers! With Business and Technical Tracks, the Rental & Staging Roadshow offers something for everyone.

For more information about the Rental & Staging Roadshow, visit


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