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Lemke Feted, Looks Back

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The systems integration industry has changed dramatically in the last dozen years, and helping spearhead that change has been InfoComm executive director and CEO Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.

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Since he took the reins at the turn of the millennium, both the organization and the industry have grown exponentially; now Lemke is retiring at the end of the year, and InfoComm feted its leader yesterday at its VIP Reception.

Looking back at the last decadeplus, Lemke says that InfoComm’s two greatest accomplishments under his direction were “our move to the major leagues with ANSI accreditation of our certification; that’s a big thing because it gets us into new places where our people can work. The other accomplishment has been the international shows. We had two events in 2000 — we sponsored an event in Europe and were a sponsor in Japan.” Since then, InfoComm has launched an extensive international expansion, creating a series of localized Info- Comm shows and Integrated Systems shows around the world, giving the organization a strong foothold in every major continent.

Lemke notes that, while he fostered other organizational priorities—securing accredidation of the CTS certifications, developing industry best practices, acquisitions and more—much of that happened because he “hired the best staff possible, because what they’ve done is put into place the accomplishments that I’ll get credit for, but they should as well.”

So how has his last InfoComm Show as executive director/CEO been? “It’s a chance to see people that I’ve worked with for 12 years and be able to talk a bit with them,” he says. “It’s bittersweet because there’s a sense of accomplishment, and yet it’s not easy leaving.” That said, it’s been an upbeat experience as well: “When I became Executive Director I had a responsibility to help the industry make a change, and now, looking back, we can say, ‘We got a lot of people educated, people who now successfully integrate systems; we got our certification going; and more.’ It’s a nice look back.”


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InfoComm Gets Intense

The theme for this year’s InfoComm Show is “Communications Intensified,” and it’s all too appropriate. Give just one glance around the exhibit floors at the Las Vegas Convention Center and you’ll see thousands of people communicating with each other — and intensely at that.

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Putting the Dazzle Back in the AV Display Equation

As much as we hear from experts year in and year out that “content is king”, that displays and other technical tools are just that–tools– at the end of the day so much of our industry rides on the introduction of new technology.

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Taking a Second Look at LCD

Back in early spring, when news was released that Samsung’s LCD biz had been realigned, we are awash in pundits’ and mass media pronouncements that LCD was on the way out. OLED was the new acronym de jour. We’d all be watching OLED TVs soon, and the mall the train station would sport OLED displays in all their 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio glory. Maybe it was the word “organic” in the name. It does sound cool, and vaguely politically correct: “organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels”.

3D Is Back at NAB

by David Keene The last really big trade show I reported on this year was the ISE show in Amsterdam (Feb. 2-4), and from that floor I reported that there was a singular “the lack of buzz about 3D” (after all the buzz surrounding 3D at InfoComm last summer, CEDIA last September, and at CES in January). I wrote back in

InfoComm Looks to the Future

by Derek Dellinger With estimates of over 32,000 in attendance at InfoComm 2011, as of press time, this year’s conference demonstrated a steady growth over previous year’s shows that is expected to continue into 2012. “We’re good indicator of what’s going on in the industry, the recovery within the industry,” say